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5 Best Cancer Hospitals in India for World-Class Cancer Treatment

cancer hospitalWhat was considered as a dreadful disease with no cure in olden days, cancer is now potentially curable, provided it is diagnosed in early stage. Even in stages where complete cure is impossible, patients can be effectively treated to have meaningful lives with disease. Correct diagnosis & proper management is of paramount importance. Healthcare professionals associated with oncology must display expertise in providing comprehensive & coordinated care for patients suffering from a variety of cancers including solid tumors & blood related oncologic conditions. Research, screening & treatment options in India are excellent & abreast with latest developments across the world. Organized care for cancer patients must essentially also include awareness, education, pain management & palliative care.

Cancer Hospitals in India

Cancer Treatment in India today has over the last decade undergone a paradigm shift by embracing comprehensive care which includes expertise, commitment & an indomitable spirit to take on challenge. Present pool of oncology surgeons in the country are some of the brightest minds in medical, surgical & radiation procedures. These experts work with the latest diagnostic tools like the 64 slice PET CT, Individualized therapy profiling using genetics & molecular diagnostics, Proton therapy & latest in Radiation therapy like the Tru Beam STX. Moreover, robotic surgeons have made complex oncologic surgeries minimally invasive, thereby offering the best chance for every patient to conquer cancer.

Facilities in Cancer Hospitals

There are a variety of treatment options in place at most Indian hospitals dealing with cancer. However, choosing the best treatment plan will be decided by the concerned surgeon after evaluating type, location & condition of cancer in individual patient. Nevertheless, Indian medical fraternity is quite capable of treating the worst type of cancers.

Some Common Treatment Options

Some common treatment options for cancer in most Oncology departments of Indian hospitals include –

  • Radiation TherapyRadiotherapy or Radiation Therapy involves precise use & calculated doses of high energy X-ray to treat body parts where cancer is located. This is generally a pain-free treatment option & which does not cause any radiation contamination.
  • Chemotherapy This involves the use of specific drugs to rapidly destroy growing cancer cells. Some varieties of chemotherapy also stunt growth of cancer cells & prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body. Often used in combination with radiation therapy so as to help shrink tumors prior to surgery. Chemotherapy is also useful after surgery or radiation in order to destroy any remnant cancer cells. Provided as an outpatient treatment, it is managed by a team of oncology trained nurses providing close monitoring.
  • Surgery Surgery offers a pivotal role in management of solid cancers. Although surgery alone can adequately manage cancer in early stages, most advanced tumors will require multimodal treatment options. Types of cancer surgery can be open traditional or minimally invasive laparoscopic, endoscopic, laser or cryosurgery.
  • Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) This is an important procedure for both malignant & benign disorders of bone marrow. Bone Marrow Transplant is normally performed for patients suffering from acute leukemia, multiple myeloma, lumphomas & other disorders of the blood.

Top 5 Cancer Hospitals in India

There are hundreds of good cancer hospitals across the length & breadth of the Indian subcontinent. Apart from specialist cancer care facilities, almost every JCI & NABH accredited hospitals have an oncology department to take care of cancer patients.

Here is a list of the best cancer hospitals in India.

  • Artemis Cancer InstituteLocated in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, it offers multidisciplinary comprehensive cancer care services for both domestic & international patients. It is focused on providing cutting edge healthcare using most advanced medical technology available anywhere else in the world. Comprising of units enveloping entire oncology treatment modalities of medical oncology, radiation oncology & surgical oncology, Artemis Hospital has team of highly trained doctors of international repute deliver effective patient cure & care.
  • Fortis Memorial Research InstituteOr FMRI in short, was ranked No. 2 in a global study of 30 most technologically advanced healthcare facilities in the world. Department of oncology at Fortis offers a comprehensive cancer care programme which follows a trans-disciplinary & multi-modality approach in both adult & pediatric oncology. Fortis department of medical oncology provides state-of-the-art services in management of cancer through chemotherapy & allied drugs.
  • Medanta Cancer InstituteIs part of the Medanta Medicity, India’s largest multi super-specialty institute located in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Division of medical oncology & hematology & radiation oncology is set to deliver the highest quality of advanced oncology care in a supportive & compassionate environment. Full spectrum & evidence-based oncology therapeutics is the focus of clinical practice, while therapies like immunotherapy, anti angiogenesis & targeted therapies are incorporated into basic treatment algorithms. Advanced painless radiation oncology treatments involve medical use of ionizing radiation so as to control & kill malignant cells without inflicting a single incision.
  • HCG Cancer HospitalHeadquartered in Bangalore KA India, Healthcare Global Enterprises or HCG is the largest cancer care provider in South Asia. HCG has been defining the future of cancer care in the country by designing, building & managing effective cancer care environments by including a variety of cancer treatments like surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, chemotherapy, breast cancer treatment, cancerous tumors, oncology symptoms & CyberKnife surgery in order to help cancer patients achieve longer & better lives.
  • Tata Memorial HospitalSet up in the year 1952, it is one of the most famous cancer care hospital located in Mumbai. With facilities for research, education & treatment of cancer, Tata Memorial Hospital makes use of radiology, chemotherapy & surgery to address cancer.
  • Max Institute of OncologyLocated in Delhi, with branches in Punjab & Gurgaon, this is one of the leading cancer treatment hospitals in the country. This institution offers a variety of treatments for gastrointestinal cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, blood cancer, neck cancer, head cancer & lung cancer. Managed by experienced oncologists & professional staff who draw international patients from all around the world, Max Institute is one of the top 10 cancer hospitals in India.

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