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Advanced Treatments Available For Breast Cancer Surgery In India

Breast cancer is established as one of the most formidable enemy for women within the Indian healthcare landscape. Every year almost 100,000 women develop breast cancer in the subcontinent alone. This high incidence is also poised to rise to unmanageable numbers in future. As a result, the Indian healthcare infrastructure is gearing up to meet future challenges. Fortunately, India is currently a leading global medical tourism destination providing a variety of affordable healthcare solutions for people from all around the world. Several reputed international chain of hospitals have sensed this surge & established requisite infrastructure to make the best of this opportunity. Along with Indian women, international patients will now be able to access less considerate breast cancer surgery cost in India.

Most women with breast cancer need surgery on affected breasts. Doctors also often recommend surgery to remove tumors which have spread to other organs. This is typically recommended when breast cancer is limited in spread. Surgery will also help patients having stubborn pain, weak bone which needs stabilization or having other problems. These are some common problems of patients suffering from metastatic or stage IV breast cancer. Goals of advanced breast cancer treatments therefore are to prolong life while maintaining quality at the same time. Although there is no cure nor will the patients live longer with metastatic disease, it is still comforting that they can lead a fairly good quality of life with many more advanced treatment options that are now available. Patients therefore must be well prepared to talk about various options doctors recommend. Moreover, as every case in fact is different, so will be the treatment, which will not be the same as another person with advanced stage breast cancer.

Apart from traditional surgical interventions other associated treatments for breast cancer include breast cancer radiation, breast cancer chemotherapy, hormonal therapy & targeted therapies for breast cancer. Radiation therapy of breast cancer is usually utilized to stop cancer from growing & to keep symptoms under control including bleeding & pain. Chemotherapy is most ideal for women with advanced breast cancer & is most likely to be handled easily than it was in the past. There are several chemo drugs to choose from nowadays including pills & intravenous injections. A variety of hormonal drugs are also available so as to lower amount of estrogen manufactured in the body which eventually ends up fueling breast cancer. Specific proteins relating to breast cancer can also be effectively targeted using Targeted Therapies.

IndianMedTrip is a leading medical tourism company in India & providing a variety of healthcare solutions including affordable cancer treatments like advanced breast cancer. They are associated with top renowned oncology surgeons & breast cancer specialists so as to provide effective medical solutions to women from all around the world. Based in Navi Mumbai, MH India, they have also recently tied up with the best cancer treatment facilities in the country so as to provide a wide spectrum of advanced breast cancer medical solutions for international patients.

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