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Affordable Hair Transplantation Surgery with IndianMedTrip


Like youth & good health, most of us take hair for granted, until they are gone. Hair transplantation in such cases can effectively bring back a fuller head of hair. If going bald or thinning top really bothers you, this procedure can be an ideal way to make you feel more confident about your appearance. Get set, & talk to a doctor about what you can expect during & after hair transplantation surgery.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a type of surgery which moves existing hair from one portion of the head to fill other areas which are having thin or no hair. Doctors have been performing such hair transplants in the United States since 1950s.

Hair Transplantation Procedure

Usually performed at a cosmetic clinic, plastic surgeons will clean scalp as the first step & inject medicine so as to numb the back areas of head. Subsequently, they will remove 3 – 4 inch hair carrying strip of skin from this region. Surgeons will set this aside & sew the scalp closed & which will immediately hide the area by hair surrounding it. Surgeons will then divide the strip of removed scalp into 500 – 2000 tiny grafts. Each of this graft will either have an individual or a few hairs. Number & type of grafts made from strip of removed scalp will depend upon the color, quality, type of hair & size of area where these will be transplanted. After these grafts have been prepared, surgeons will clean & numb the area where these hair grafts will eventually go. For this purpose they will create slits or holes with a needle or scalpel & delicately place a single graft in each one of these holes. The entire hair transplantation process will take anywhere between 4 – 8 hours depending upon the size of the transplant patients get. Some hair transplant cases may also require another procedure at a later point of time in patients who continue to lose hair or decide to have thicker growth of hair after the procedure.

Expectations & Recovery after Hair Transplant

Scalp may feel very tender after hair transplant surgery. Patients prefer to take pain medications for several days following the procedure. Plastic surgeons will make patients wear bandages over scalp for at least a day or two after hair transplant operation. They will also prescribe hair transplant patients to take anti-inflammatory or antibiotic drugs for several days post operation. Transplanted hair are most likely to fall out within 2 – 3 weeks after surgery & patients will start noticing new growth within a few months time. In most cases, patients will see 60% of new hair growth after 6 – 9 months. Many hair transplant surgeons also prescribe minoxidil (Rogaine) hair growing drug to hair transplant patients so as to improve growth of hair after hair transplantation. However, it is not yet clear how this medication is able to help.

Risks Associated with Hair Transplant

Price of hair transplant operation usually depends upon the amount of hair which is to be moved in a patient. Some risks including infection & bleeding are associated with hair transplant operation, like with any type of surgery. Chances of scarring & unnatural looking hair growth are also present with the hair transplantation procedure. Some hair transplant patients also have infection or inflammation of hair follicles called folliculitis at the time new locks begin to grow. However, compresses & antibiotics can effectively relieve this problem. Shock Loss is another problem, wherein it is possible that patients suddenly lose transplanted hair. But then in most cases this is not permanent. Hair transplant patients should speak to the surgeons about these risks & how much improvement in hair are they likely to get from hair transplantation surgery. Hair transplant experts will help patients decide if this is a good option during initial consultation.

Affordable Hair Transplantation Surgery with IndianMedTrip

Hair transplantation surgery is one of the most important achievements of modern science during the last century. However, cost of hair transplant procedure, especially in the developed western world is exorbitant & beyond the reach of common man. Healthcare in India are of exceptional standards & has lately emerged as of the most excellent global medical tourism destinations providing a variety of affordable medical solutions including cosmetic procedures to international patients. IndianMedTrip is a one-stop online medical tourism platform catering to people from all around the world by offering high-quality yet low cost mainstream medical procedures & Cosmetic surgeries including hair transplant surgery. Moreover, healthcare experts associated with IndianMedTrip would be delighted to combine an exotic vacation at reasonable costs to go along with your hair transplant surgery so as to make it a memorable experience.

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