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ART Egg Donation in India


ART Baby & Egg Donation procedure is designed to assist childless couples achieve building a family through surrogacy & egg donation. Surrogacy & egg donation is the last & only hope to childless women after several failed IVF cycles. Egg donation effectively reduces anxiety which is normally an indispensable part of any IVF treatment.

Types of Egg Donors

Basically there are two types of egg donors, known (related) & anonymous. Anonymous egg donors are those who wish to keep their identities confidential. They are equally comfortable with the understanding that they will never know the outcome of their egg donation & will not meet or learn names of egg recipients. Known donors are mostly women who are known or related to egg recipients. This kind of egg donation generally involves free exchange of information between recipient & donor couples. However, psychological consultation is duly required as emotional issues invariably arise when recipients & donors are acquainted.

Egg Donor Requirements

  • Should be healthy women between 19 – 32 years of age.
  • Must have 2 normal ovaries maintaining regular menstrual cycles.
  • Bear normal height to weight ratio; check BMI chart to ensure qualification.
  • Should be free of any contagious or genetic diseases.
  • Willing & able to travel to IVF clinics for monitoring, counseling & egg retrieval.
  • Should not smoke or use drugs.
  • Willing to avoid caffeine & alcohol during stimulation.
  • Willing to undergo psychological & medical screening.
  • Willing to undergo frequent blood tests, ultrasounds & daily injections.
  • Willing to provide “Informed Consent” for medications like antibiotics, IV sedation & egg retrieval procedure.
  • Return for final check-up appointment approximately scheduled 2 weeks following egg retrieval.
  • Birth control devices will be removed for women having them, prior to baseline assessment.
  • Copper IUDs however do not need to be removed.

Screening for Egg Donation

  • Health history is generally attached with the application form for egg donation.
  • A personal interview will follow where ART experts will discuss applications.
  • Blood & ultrasound evaluation will follow during which blood is drawn & a pelvic ultrasound is performed on the 3rd day of menstrual period. Donors should however be off all chemical contraceptives like injections & birth control pills for one month prior to these tests.
  • Psychological assessment is the next step when initial screening tests are normal. Egg donors may be asked to schedule testing & consultation with licensed psychological counselors.
  • Consultation with ART physician, physical examination & medical instruction will follow upon positive notification of psychological counselor. Complete physical examination will include cervical cultures, pap smear & blood work with an ART nurse practitioner. ART physician will thoroughly discuss your risks & benefits as egg donor. Donors will also meet nurses to learn about use of medications. Egg donor women are will also have to sign an informed consent during this visit. In case of married egg donors the husband is also encouraged to attend this visit. Spouse of married egg donors are also required to sign informed consent so as to have blood tests for HIV, HTLV, Hepatitis B&C & syphilis.
  • Selection of donors by recipients is expected after screening tests are complete. Donors are given code numbers & non-identifying information is subsequently included in donor selection pool. Donor identities are never released to recipients who select donors from pool. This may take a month or two or even longer for a donor to get selected. Donors will then meet ART nurse to plan a cycle when they are selected. Donors will generally need to pick up medications from ART facility at this stage. While appointments are scheduled in advance as far as possible, exact day of retrieval is normally unpredictable 36 hours prior to the time of egg retrieval.

Egg Donation Procedure

Egg donation cycle can begin after egg donors have been screened & subsequently selected by recipients. This entire procedure approximately takes about 8 – 10 visits spanning over an 8 week period. Recipient’s menstruation cycle must be synchronized with egg donor’s cycle to begin with & which is accomplished by use of birth control pills & Lupron injections. Egg recipients take estrogen pills so as to build endometrium & egg donors at the same time take fertility injections so as to enhance egg development process in ovaries. Both donors & recipients undergo blood tests & pelvic ultrasounds so as to monitor respective progress. Egg recipient at this point of time is given progesterone so as to prepare endometrium for embryo implantation. Mature eggs are then collected from egg donors through egg retrieval process. Recipient’s husband will now provide a semen sample which will be prepared & put with eggs in the laboratory. Early embryos are subsequently monitored & cultured within laboratories for several days. One or two of these embryos are then placed into recipient’s uterus while any remaining healthy embryos are cryopreserved for future use. Egg recipients will undergo a pregnancy test after about 2 weeks of time. In case they prove positive, estrogen & progesterone medications for recipient women will continue till 13 weeks of pregnancy. Egg donor will start another menstrual period approximately 2 weeks after her egg retrieval session. She should however return to the IVF clinic for a pelvic ultrasound & consult the ART nurse.

Benefits of Egg Donation

  • Egg donors can derive immense satisfaction by knowing that they are helping childless couples become parents. These couples needing donor eggs most probably have no other hope of having children.
  • Women are largely reimbursed for the time they invest in donor process. In developed countries they can expect to receive as much as $4,000 for cycle donation reimbursement when accepted as donors.
  • Egg donors generally also receive a referral fee for each new donor they send to ART facility provided they qualify to become as egg donors & complete at least one full donation cycle.
  • Most ART facilities also provide free annual physical examination & Pap smear tests while you are registered as egg donors with them.

ART Egg Donation in India

Although infertility is not life threatening, it can cause intense agony & trauma among childless couples. Increasing demand of ART procedures has resulted in mushrooming of infertility clinics across the Indian subcontinent. Assisted Reproductive Techniques requires enormous technical expertise & infrastructure & is equally taxing on couples challenging their physical endurance, emotional patience & monetary capabilities. However, in comparison with other infertility clinics around the world, India offers international standards of ART treatment procedures at affordable prices. IndianMedTrip is associated with top ART experts & accredited infertility clinics in order to provide high-quality yet low-cost ART procedures including IVF & egg donation programs for international patients.

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