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How Arthrofibrosis can Impact Knee Replacement

What is Arthrofibrosis?


Arthrofibrosis is a form of orthopedic disorder that develops mainly in the knee joint. This condition is caused commonly due to the formation of scar tissue in the knee joint following an injury or a major surgical operation on the knee, such as knee replacement surgery.

 Scar tissue forming due to Arthrofibrosis in the knee results in the causing stiffness and restricting the range of motion of the affected knee. If left untreated for long, this condition may also permanent disability in the affected knee.


What are the signs and symptoms of Arthrofibrosis?

Arthrofibrosis is a rare orthopedic disorder and usually develops initially as stiffness in the knee joint. This stiffness may be there for a few weeks to a few years and become more noticeable during exercise or any similar physical activity.

These are the commonly seen signs and symptoms of Arthrofibrosis:

  • Knee is usually bent abnormally, especially while walking.
  • The pain in the affected knee keeps getting worse, especially after a knee replacement surgery.
  • Continued swelling can be seen around the affected knee in the soft tissue.
  • Inability to contract quadriceps in the front of the legs.
  • Warm feeling after the knee replacement surgery.


What are the risk factors that are associated with Arthrofibrosis?

The severity of the knee injury is what mainly decides the development of this disorder or due to the length of the surgery. The longer the knee is kept immobile for surgery, the greater is the risk for acquiring Arthrofibrosis. Hence, it is important to keep the knee in frequent moving position during a major knee surgery.


How is Arthrofibrosis treated?

Arthrofibrosis can be treated using various methods however the doctor will take into consideration certain factors before advising on the best-suited treatment method in your particular case.

These are the common treatment methods for Arthrofibrosis:

  • Manipulation – In certain cases, surgeon will attempt to manipulate the affected knee in order to gently break up the developed scar tissue in it.
  • Arthroscopic surgery – This is an advanced form of orthopedic surgical treatment which is minimally invasive in nature. This surgery is performed using an ‘arthroscope’ which is a small and flexible surgical tube fitted with a light source and a lens system that allows the surgeon to view the inside of the affected knee and identify the scar tissue using minimally invasive method. The required surgical excision is also performed using similar least-invasive surgical instruments. This form of surgery is more advantageous and beneficial than the conventional form of ‘open-surgery’.
  • Open surgery – In most cases, more extensive surgery is required to correct the condition. This surgery is aimed at releasing the contracted soft tissue in the affected knee joint using normal surgical techniques. Most of the time the doctor will advise physical therapy after this surgery to restore movement in the knee joint.


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