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Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery: Types, Procedure and Cost

Cervical discs act as shock absorbers or cushions between bones of the back and neck or the vertebrae. When discs are damaged, they move out of their position and apply pressure on nerve roots. This can cause pain in the neck, numbness in arms & tingling sensations. Majority of patients suffering from this can be treated with braces, physical therapy & pain killers. However a small number of patients do not respond to non-operative treatments and thus need an Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery as a solution.

Artificial Disk Replacement surgery

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery is the latest treatment in the medical field. In this surgical procedure, disc is removed and the space is covered with bone graft. In due span of time, a solid bridge of bones across the two vertebrae is formed and previously painful segment is made pain free.

Good Candidates for Disc Replacement Surgery

Artificial Disk Replacement Surgery is not suitable for all patients with low back pain. In general, good candidates for Artificial Disk Replacement Surgery have the following characteristics.

  • Severe back pain caused by intervertebral discs in the lumbar spine.
  • Bony compression on spinal nerves.
  • Not excessively overweight.
  • No previous major surgery on lumbar spine.
  • No present deformity of spine.


Types of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgeries

There are many Artificial Disc Replacement Surgeries which are generally classified into two following types:

  1. Total Disc Replacement Surgery: As the name advocates, a Total Disc Replacement Surgery allows disc tissue to be detached and a replacement device to be inserted into the space between vertebrae.
  2. Disc Nucleus Replacement Surgery: With a Disc Nucleus Replacement surgery, only the center of the disc is taken off and replaced with an implant. The outer portion of disc is not removed in this procedure.

 Types of Artificial Disk Replacement Surgery

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Procedure

Artificial disc Replacement Surgery usually takes about 3 to 4 hours of time and it is performed under general anesthesia, which means the patient remains in a sleeping condition during operation. Doctors approach the lower backside from the front through an incision in abdomen of the patient. This allows doctors to access spine of the patient without moving internal nerves. During this procedure, doctors remove the problematic disk and then insert an artificial disk implant into the disk space. It may take up to six weeks for a patient to return to normal activities after an Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery has been performed, however it could be longer before more athletic exercises, such as sports, can be pursued. The patient is often required to wear a brace support for up to 10 weeks following such surgical treatments in order to encourage quick healing.

Disk Design

There are various disk designs & each is unique, but all have a similar goal of reproducing function of a normal intervertebral disk. Some disks are manufactured of metal, while others are a combination of plastic & metal. Materials used include medical grade cobalt chromium and medical grade plastic. Surgeons will discuss with patients about which disk design is best suited for them.


Benefits after Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

  • Recovery is quick in Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery than in spinal fusion
  • Rare chances of device failures (breakages)
  • Motion is restored to normal in short span of time
  • Rare chances of revision surgical procedure
  • Relieves pain considerably and increases activity

 Benefits of Artificial Disk Replacement Surgery


Success Rate of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery in India

Success rate in India for Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery is high & up to 90%. This also depends upon the condition of the damaged disc.

Cost of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery in India

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery remains the “gold standard” for treating low back pain patients. International patients traveling to India for Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery can have savings of tens of thousands of dollars. They may save between 50 – 80% on costs normally found in other countries like the United States.


Medical Tourism in India for Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

Medical Tourism in India is getting a stupendous response for best medical treatments which are available at an economical budget. India has become a leading global Medical Tourism destination for patients all over the world who are planning a medical trip to India for Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery. Several Indian hospitals where Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery is performed are promoters of leading-edge technology abreast with state-of-art facilities. Apart from low-cost treatments, English Language is widely spoken in India & which makes it easier for the international patient coming from all corners of the globe to communicate hassle-free. Patients can happily contact IndianMedTrip to seek professional medical care opinions about treatments from the best doctors in India. IndianMedTrip consultants arrange consultations with respective doctors & take care of appointments and plan timely travel as well.  Besides having medical treatment in India, these patients can avail a recreation package wherein they can rejuvenate their mind and take home a memorable healthcare experience.

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