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Dental Implant Treatment in GoaAlso known as a “Tourist Paradise” or “Pearl of the Orient”, Indian state of Goa is located along the western coast within the coastal belt of Konkan region. Medical Tourism In Goa has for over six decades been a favorite with patients from all around the world. An exquisite meeting point of races, religions & cultures both from the east & west over centuries, Goa features a distinctive multi-hued lifestyle which is uniquely different from the rest of the subcontinent. Secular outlook of the people dwelling in this land maintains an unbroken tradition of harmony which is pleasingly warm & tolerant in nature. Bordered by the states of Karnataka & Maharashtra Goa has a vast expanse of Arabian Sea to the west which forms a magnificent coastline alluring scores of tourists. Languages spoken within this tourist paradise include English, Konkani, Marathi, & Hindi in most areas of the state.

Goa is Tourism Paradise

Ever since hippies arrived here in the 1960s, Goa has continuously been a major tourist destination on the itinerary of both domestic & international tourists. International tourist season basically starts from late September & stretches on to early March. The weather during this period is usually dry & pleasantly chill before getting fairly hot around May to end of June until the full blast of Indian monsoon showers cool down. Monsoon in Goa is also most beautiful with fresh greenery sprouting all around the landscape. International travelers to Goa relish the peaceful, laid-back, warm & friendly atmosphere which is addictively charming.

Why Goa for Dental Tourism?

Why is it that dental procedures & Cosmetic Surgery Goa work very well for medical tourism? Normally international travelers seeking dental care outside homeland have money as a single thought in mind. Dental care is very expensive, especially concerning extensive reconstructive & cosmetic procedures, in UK, Canada, United States & many European countries. Most rudimentary dental procedures in the US are covered by health insurance plans, which is why almost 150 million Americans are left without any dental coverage. Reconstructive & restorative dental procedures end up costing tens of thousands of dollars in the western world. Cost savings therefore is a real factor for availing Dental tourism in Goa for international tourists, particularly when they need not sacrifice quality to save money.

Dentist Clinics in Goa

Sensing opportunity, several dental clinics have sprung up in Goa & are catering to a large number of international medical tourists. Most of these dentists are highly competent & have attended respected schools of dentistry. Providing excellent services for fraction of a cost for tourists visiting Goa, who can often be termed as ‘incidental travelers’, these dental clinics have learnt to maintain standards as they are aware of demands for hygiene so required by foreign tourists. International patients on their part taking a vacation in a dental destination like Goa find that they can easily work affordable dental care quite easily into their plans. Hopping over to Goa for a dental tour vacation is therefore one of the best & least expensive idea for international travelers.

Special Considerations for Dental Tourism

Dental travel may not be a good idea for travelers who are prone to attacks of asthma as physical & psychological stress of dental visits can also precipitate attacks. However, one may go ahead if asthma is well controlled, but make it a point to let the dentist know about your medical history prior to treatment. Check with dentists whether conscious sedation or nitrous oxide may be better in your case. Moreover, dental patients with transplanted organs, kidney failure or heart disease will be required to take antibiotics so as to prevent infections which may arise from dental procedures. These antibiotics are meant to protect against infection in blood (bacteremia) & endocarditis which is infection of inner lining of heart muscle. Antibiotics will also help reduce risk of spreading hepatitis which is often found in patients suffering from renal failure. Patients having any of these medical conditions must let dentists know before finalizing any dental treatment plan.

Tips for Dental Treatment Plans

Never assume that one dentist is just as good as another. While accredited dental clinics set standards, compliance often varies from one place to another. Do not get carried away by slick ads & impressive set-ups. It would be sensible to seek evaluations from previous patients. Ask the dentist for proof of competence before making an appointment. You are after-all footing the bill & have a right to know everything regarding dentist’s training & experience. It would also be wiser to plan a few extra days in Goa as delays in dental work are normal. Some procedures like Dental Implants can only be fulfilled in 2 or 3 steps with gaps in between. So find out in advance the numbers of visits required & the intervals between them. Consider whether traveling 2 – 3 times for dental procedure suits your budget plan & saves money overall.

Dental Tourism Aftercare

Bad results can sometimes happen after dental treatments even with the best dentist. Crowns can come loose or fillings fall out in some instances. Therefore, you only have 2 options if something goes wrong following returning home from dental tour. One is to get the problem fixed at home in a clinic close by & the other is to fly back again into Goa. Some Dental Clinics in Goawill also make free repairs or at nominal cost, but then you will still have to pay additionally for travel. Wise thing is to make sure & possibly allow for return travel while planning the dental travel budget.

Dental Tourism with IndianMedTrip

IndianMedTrip is associated with the best dental clinics in Goa including Beyond Smiles Dental Care Centre, Dr. Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic, Colva Dental Clinic & Apollo Victor Hospital offering a wide spectrum of affordable dental procedures for international patients. Some common dental specialties offered by IndianMedTrip dental clinics include aesthetic dentistry, bleaching, dental implants, orthodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, Periodontology, prosthetics, professional teeth cleaning, tooth color fillings, against bad breath & prevention of teeth grinding. Moreover, healthcare experts associated with IndianMedTrip would be delighted to combine an exotic recuperative vacation at reasonable costs along with your dental travel so as to make this healthcare travel into a memorable experience.

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