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Brachymetatarsia Surgery / Toe Lengthening Surgery

Brachymetatarsia is a rare condition that mostly develops due to abnormal growth of bone in toe. It gives an unpleasant appearance of the foot and may lead to a painful state. Patients battling the painful condition of brachymetatarsia are ideal candidates for a toe surgery. Toe lengthening surgery helps improve patient’s quality of life by providing a normal foot appearance and ability to perform routine tasks like walking and standing with ease. Prevalence of brachymetatarsia is more in women as compared to men.

What is Brachymetatarsia?

Also known as ‘floating toe’, brachymetatarsia is a medical condition that occurs due to shortening of toe in foot. Any toe in the foot of patients may fail to develop normally and appear really short. Brachymetatarsia can be observed in children around 8 years of age. Most commonly it affects the fourth toe. If this condition affects multiple toes, then it is clinically termed as ‘brachymetapody’.

Brachymetatarsia Surgery

What Are The Causes of Brachymetatarsia?

The definite cause of brachymetatarsia is still a topic of research. However, faulty genes are known to give rise to this condition. It can also result because of trauma or injury to the foot. Patients struggling with Pseudohypoparathyroidism or Down syndrome are at a higher risk of developing brachymetatarsia.

Treatment Options for Brachymetatarsia

Patients experiencing the enumerated problems may consult a well-experienced doctor.

  • Severe pain at the ball of the foot
  • Difficulty wearing shoes
  • Inconvenience doing regular activities
  • Awful appearance of foot

These problems can be solved with the help of following non-surgical methods. However, a foot surgery may be required if the following options do not yield desired results.

  • Medicines and Drugs – Orthopedic surgeons may prescribe pain medications to provide comfort to the patients.
  • Pads – Pads or splints may help overcome physical irritation in shoes.
  • Supportive Shoes – Surgeons may suggest wearing customized shoes to support the foot.

Surgical Options for Correcting a Short Toe

The following are the most widely performed surgeries for correcting a short toe.

  • Bone-Graft Toe Lengthening – Bone graft toe lengthening is a reliable surgical procedure which involves inserting a bone graft in the short bone of patient’s toe. Bone graft is supported by screws and bone plate for providing maximum stability to foot. Orthopedic surgeons usually recommend this surgery to patients who require up to one centimeter of length to make toe appear normal in size.
  • External Fixator Lengthening Procedure – This surgical intervention involves growing of the bone with a special instrument called as an external fixator. The orthopedic surgeon attaches a fixator to bone for a specific amount of interval. This foot surgery significantly aids in bone growth. Surgeons remove this device once the bone reaches the desired length.

Brachymetatarsia Surgery Recovery

Recovery depends on the type of approach which is used to correct the short toe. Generally, it takes 5 – 6 weeks for a patient to recover from any brachymetatarsia surgery. In some instances, where patient’s health status is poor, it may take up to 4 months of time to heal completely. Key factors that may delay the healing speed are aging, habit of smoking, weak immune system, and other health issues.

Risks and Complications Associated With Toe Lengthening Surgery

The following list depicts most common risks and complications associated with a brachymetatarsia surgery.

  • Severe infection
  • Pain and swelling
  • Weakness in toe
  • Severe bleeding
  • Incision breakdown
  • Clotting of blood
  • Poor wound healing
  • Nerve injury
  • Unsightly scar
  • Revision surgery

These post-surgical complications can be handled under the guidance of an experienced surgeon. Patients should discuss regarding the treatment procedure and its risks with the surgeons during the initial session.

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Merits of Brachymetatarsia Treatment with IndianMedTrip

Indian country is one of the most acknowledged medical tourism destinations. Billions of international patients visit India every year to avail best health care provisions including brachymetatarsia treatment at economical rates. Brachymetatarsia surgery cost in India is extremely less as compared to other developed countries. IndianMedTrip is a prime healthcare facilitator in India which offers finest orthopedic treatments. It is associated with a wide range of Indian hospitals and clinics that are well-equipped with the latest infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology. Orthopedic surgeons catering in these hospitals are renowned for providing best outcomes following toe surgery for brachymetatarsia. International patients can highly rely on steadfast services of IndianMedTrip for brachymetatarsia treatment.

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