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Brain Tumor Surgery Recovery & Aftercare

Following brain tumor surgery, most patients would require additional care & monitoring to watch out for any other problems, including further treatments in future. Following is a list of some important steps which are essential to brain tumor surgery aftercare & recovery.

Brain Tumor Surgery Recovery And Aftercare


Follow-Up Appointments

Benign brain tumors are often found to grow back following treatments. This is why regular follow-up appointments are recommended to look out for fresh signs & symptoms which may eventually develop. These follow-up appointments include discussions about any worrying signs & symptoms patients are experiencing alongside a physical examination & occasional brain scans. Patients usually have follow-up appointments every few months to begin with but will probably require them less frequently over time in case no further problems develop.

Supportive Treatments

Problems which are caused by brain tumors do not necessarily resolve soon as the tumor is treated or removed. Like for example, some patients are found to have persistent weakness, difficulty in walking, seizures & speech problems after undergoing brain tumor surgery during recovery. Such patients may therefore need extra support in order to help overcome or to adapt to newer conditions. Therapies which can be helpful during the recovery period include the following.

  • Physiotherapy – This will help with any movement problems that patients have after brain tumor surgery.
  • Speech Therapy – This therapy will be helping patients cope up with any problems involving swallowing or communication.
  • Occupational Therapy – This is meant to identify & cope with problems which patients are having with daily activities & for arranging any additional equipment or alternations to the home premises during recovery.

Some brain tumor surgery patients also need to continuously take medications for seizures for at least a few months or more following brain tumor treatments or surgery.

Supportive Treatment After Brain Tumor Surgery

Driving & Traveling

Patients will not be allowed to drive for some time after they have undergone brain tumor surgery. This usually depends upon factors like the type & location of the brain tumor which was involved along with the signs & symptoms which patients display. However, with up-to-date scanning procedures performed & upon the advice of the healthcare team, patients may be permitted to drive again. Long distance travelling & flying is usually recommended from three months onwards following brain tumor surgery.

Sports & Activities

Brain tumor surgery patients must permanently avoid contact sporting activities like boxing & rugby after they have undergone treatment. However, they can once again start several other activities with agreement of the neurosurgeon after they have recovered. Unsupervised swimming is not recommended for about 12 months of time after brain tumor surgery since there is risk that they may have epileptic fits while they are still inside water.

Sex & Pregnancy

It is quite safe to indulge in sexual intercourse following treatment for benign brain tumors. Women are however advised to avoid getting pregnant for about 6 months or longer following brain tumor treatment. Brain tumor surgery women patients planning to undergo pregnancy should discuss this option with their healthcare team.

Getting Back to Work

Following brain tumor surgery treatments, patients usually are found to tire more easily. However, they may wish to get back to normal life & work as soon as it is possible. Nevertheless, it would be a great idea to be able to return part-time in the beginning & to be able to get back full time only when they feel the courage to perform routine work.

Help & Support

Most often brain tumor surgery is life-changing. The patient may feel frightened, angry & emotionally drained in the beginning. However, neurosurgeons & the healthcare team in such situations may direct the patient to counselors & support groups for help to deal with.

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