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Breast Lift Cosmetic Surgery India

Apart from massive weight loss, pregnancy & breastfeeding are the two most common causes for drooping of breasts. Gravity, aging & heredity are the other causes of sagging breasts. Since excessive weight can stretch skin, weight loss often leaves women with drooping breasts. It would therefore be ideal to postpone breast lift surgery in case you plan to lose further weight. Most doctors also recommend women to postpone this procedure until they have finished with children. Although breast lift surgery does not hinder pregnancy, but future pregnancy will definitely alter results & cause breast skin to stretch further largely due to hormonal changes.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast Lift Surgery is also known as Mastopexy. This cosmetic procedure is designed to raise breasts by removing excessive skin & tightening surrounding tissue so as to reshape & contour the newly formed breast contour. Quite often, areolas which have enlarged over time are also reduced as part of the breast lift procedure. Breast lift can therefore rejuvenate feminine figure with a uplifted & youthful upper body profile. Breast lift surgery however does not significantly alter size or roundness of upper part of breast unless it is combined with other cosmetic procedures like breast reduction or breast augmentation surgery.

Why Undergo Breast Lift Surgery?

Greatest benefit of breast lift surgery is the overall effect it can deliver on the feminine figure including firmer & perkier breasts. Bust line following this plastic procedure will be more defined & fit better in certain clothing. The overall youthful look will however be significant among women who have undergone massive weight loss. Breast lift surgery will effectively add finishing touches to their newly found fit & trim figure. This procedure will also leave a tremendous positive impact on the self-esteem of patients.

  • Correct Drooping BreastsStretched skin & loss of volume will often result in drooping of breasts. Often a result of simple aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding or extensive weight loss. Breast lift surgery is ideal cosmetic procedure to improve sagging & drooping breasts by removing excessive skin & lifting inner breast tissue. It can also improve shape & symmetry of breasts & can also be combined with other plastic procedures including breast implants so as to enhance feminine figure.
  • Restore Youthful AppearanceYouthful appearance of breasts are often proportionate with the rest of the body. Breast skin will begin to stretch & lose volume as women age. This will create droopy breast look which is most often exacerbated by excessive weight loss & breast feeding. Tightening & lifting breasts in such situations will give a more youthful & perkier appearance. Most women undergoing breast lift surgery happily report looking years younger following breast lift procedure.
  • Fit in a Variety of ClothingWomen unhappy with appearance of breasts will find shopping for clothes to be a discouraging & frustrating experience. They may even avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes & may settle for items which hide the body. Breast lift can create a shapelier & firmer physique which can open up a host of other clothing options with bras & clothes fitting much better. They may even find wearing new cuts & styles to be comfortable & with confidence.
  • Enhance Self-EsteemSagging breasts can undermine overall self-confidence. Breast lift surgery ideally improves self-esteem & level of confidence thereby enhancing overall quality of life. Women will generally feel sexier & confident in romantic relationships. They will also feel comfortable going to beaches, laying around pools or engaging in a variety of social physical activities.
  • Physical Health ImprovementBreast Lift Surgery or Mastopexy is primarily a plastic procedure designed to enhance physical appearance. This cosmetic surgery can however also reduce discomfort while improving physical wellbeing. Like for instance sagging breasts often cause severe chaffing under breast crease. Many a time drooping breasts lead to tension in the neck & back region. Most often plastic surgeons commonly treat such problems with breast reduction surgery, but breast lift in many cases has proved to be a better option.

Good Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is a highly individualized plastic surgery procedure & so patients should choose to undergo for themselves & not to fulfill someone else’s idea or desire.

Good candidates for breast lift surgery include –

  • Women who are physically healthy
  • Women maintaining stable weight
  • Women who do not smoke
  • Women bothered by sagging breasts
  • Women bothered by loss of shape & volume of breasts
  • Women having flatter, elongated or pendulous shape of breasts
  • When nipples fall below breast crease in unsupported breasts
  • Nipples & areolas of breasts pointing downwards
  • Women having stretched breast skin & enlarged areolas
  • When one breast is lower than the other

Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

There are a variety of techniques & incision patterns involving breast lift procedure. Most appropriate technique for a case will be determined by the plastic surgeon based upon the following factors.

  • Shape & size of breasts
  • Position & size of areolas
  • Degree of sagging breasts
  • Elasticity & skin quality of breasts
  • Amount of extra skin on breasts

Medications are commonly administered for comfort during breast lift surgical procedure. While surgeons will recommend the best choice of anesthesia options include intravenous sedation & general anesthesia.

Three common patterns of breast lift surgery incisions include –

  • Incision around areola
  • Incision around areola & vertically down from areola to breast crease
  • Incision around areola & vertically down to breast crease & horizontally along breast crease

Reshaping of the breast involves lifting of underlying breast tissue & reshaping so as to improve firmness & contour. Nipple & areola are also repositioned to a more natural & youthful height by surgeons. Enlarged areolas are also reduced when necessary by excising skin along the perimeter. Excessive breast skin is subsequently removed so as to compensate for loss of breast skin elasticity. After reshaping & removing excessive breast skin, remaining skin is tightened as surgeons close incisions. Incision lines resulting from this procedure are effectively concealed within natural breast contours, although some are visible on breast surface. These incision lines are permanent, but in most of the cases significantly fade & improve over time. Though most women desire smallest possible scars, it will however be the plastic surgeon who will determine which type of incision will best suit patient’s anatomy & desired goals. Therefore, follow his advice & do not diminish results by demanding incisions which are not appropriate in your case. Sutures are layered deep within breast tissue so as to create firmness & support newly shaped breast contours. Skin adhesives, sutures and/or surgical tape may be utilized so as to close external incisions. Results of breast lift surgery are visible immediately after this cosmetic procedure.

Recovery Following Breast Lift Surgery

Bandages or dressings will be applied to incisions after breast lift surgery is completed. Elastic bandage or support bra may also be needed to be worn in order to minimize swelling & support breasts while they heal. Small, thin tube may also be temporarily placed under skin so as to drain excessive blood or fluid which would have collected.

Specific instructions during recovery following breast lift surgery include –

  • Caring for breasts following breast lift surgery
  • Oral consumption or application of medications to aid healing including minimizing potential for infection
  • Specific concerns for looking after surgical site during recovery & in general health
  • Follow-up appointments with plastic surgeon

Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

Results from breast lift surgery are almost immediately visible. Post surgical swelling will eventually resolve & incision lines gradually fade over time. Satisfaction over new contour of breasts will continue to grow as patients recover from breast lift surgery. New breast shape & position will continue to settle & final results will appear over the next few months. Results of breast lift surgery are long-lasting & incision lines which are permanent will continue to fade. Since newly formed breast contours will continue to change due to gravity & aging, make it a point to retain new look by maintaining weight & keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. It would however be sensible to follow plastic surgeon’s instructions for success of breast lift surgery. These include not subjecting surgical instructions to excessive force, abrasion, swelling or motion during the healing period.

Pregnancy & Breast Lift Surgery

It would be most ideal to entertain breast lift surgery after completion of child bearing as changes will eventually occur in breasts during pregnancy. Otherwise pregnancy will invariably reverse or minimize improvement which breast lift surgery provides. Significant weight loss following breast lift surgery can likewise negatively impact breast appearance, therefore opt for this cosmetic procedure when your weight loss is complete & stabilized.

Affordable Breast Lift Surgery in India

India is an excellent medical tourism destination for international patients seeking a variety of affordable cosmetic surgery solutions including breast lift surgery. Many top plastic surgeons in the country have in fact initially trained for decades in developed western countries like the UK, Canada & United States. They are comfortable in handling latest technologies & are aware of emerging trends. IndianMedTrip is associated with the best accredited cosmetic hospitals in India so as to offer high-quality yet low-cost aesthetic plastic surgery procedures for people from all around the world. Moreover, IndianMedTrip healthcare experts will also be glad to combine an exotic recuperative holiday at reasonable costs to go along with your medical travel so as to make this a memorable experience.

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