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Cost of Brain Tumor Surgery

The brain was one of the last frontiers which etched on the timescale of medical advancements. Nowadays, brain surgery is dramatically advanced, thanks to a series of radically path breaking innovations. Brain tumor surgery in India has truly become state-of-the-art while keeping pace with global developments. Worldwide globalization of medical tourism & advancement of healthcare has in fact immensely benefitted people around the world who are seeking affordable medical procedures beyond their homeland. These facilities have become all the more convenient with several medical tourism companies across the world offering all inclusive medical treatment package solutions which take care of all aspects including travel, accommodation & scheduling appointments for surgical procedures which can also be followed by recuperative holidays at reasonable costs, depending upon the nature of treatment. Host of personalized services offered along with treatments by the best doctors & surgeons in the subcontinent are meant to generate a hassle-free medical experience for the international patient who could not have asked for anything better.

Brain Tumor surgery in India


Average Cost of Brain Tumor Treatments

Average cost of brain tumor treatments across the countries in the world typically range between $50,000 for small noncancerous brain tumor surgery alone to $700,000 or more for cancerous brain tumors which require a combination of brain tumor treatments including radiation therapy, chemotherapy & brain tumor surgery as well. Moreover, stereotactic radiosurgery is yet another type of newer radiation therapy which is now commonly utilized for treatment of brain tumors. Stereotactic radiosurgery procedures can typically cost in-between $12,000 to $55,000 across global medical tourism destinations. Additionally, brain tumor treatments in several instances require treatments for recurring & new tumors which can easily escalate the cost to $100,000 or more. Moreover, cost of chemotherapy also varies based upon the drugs which are utilized & how they are administered along with the number of treatment sessions which are required. When all of these come together, it is natural that total cost of brain tumor treatment to reach tens of thousands of dollars.


Cost of Brain Tumor Treatments Across Major Global Medical Tourism Destinations

Cost of brain tumor surgery in India

Estimated cost of glioblastoma Brain Tumor Surgery in United States can go beyond $450,000, while the cost of full treatment during the patient’s lifetime can reach up to $700,000. Average cost of brain tumor treatments in countries like Australia, Germany, UK, Canada & various other places are the same & extremely exorbitant when compared to cost of brain tumor surgery in India. This is one of the main reasons as to why a growing number of brain tumor patients from countries like Ghana, Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria & other African countries prefer to come to India for brain tumor surgery than go to some other country. Excellent quality of brain tumor surgery & success rate of brain tumor treatment in India, which is at par with the best in the world, are also the basic advantages of these patients coming to India apart from the fact that these patients would save a lot of money by availing affordable brain cancer surgery in India when compared to undergoing similar procedures in countries like the UK, Canada & United States.

Affordable Cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in India

Average cost of brain tumor surgery in India is only in-between $8,000 to $9,000 & which is just a fraction of what it would cost in UK or USA. Accompanied by the fact that success rate of brain tumor surgery in India is at par with the best in the world, there is no other country which can compare with India as the premier healthcare destination for people around the world seeking affordable medical procedures beyond borders. Moreover, India is also featuring a large pool of neurosurgeons, of which many are globally recognized as some of the best neurosurgery specialists in the world. Healthcare infrastructure in India is composed of an extensive network of nationally & internationally accredited specialty & multispecialty hospitals offering advanced technology assisted brain tumor surgery & relative brain tumor treatments like Gamma Knife & CyberKnife radiosurgeries. Overall quality of healthcare treatments, including brain tumor treatments in India, is only comparable with the best healthcare tourism destinations in the world.

Super Specialty Brain Tumor Surgery Hospitals in India

Hospitals for brain tumor surgery


As of now Indian healthcare infrastructure features about 250 hospitals which serve for basic brain surgery in the country. Additionally, there are about 130 multispecialty hospital facilities which also offer complex neurosurgeries. Of these there are about 20 super specialty Brain Surgery Hospitals in the country which provide highly advanced neurosurgeries & neuroendoscopic surgical procedures which are at par with the best neurosurgery facilities located anywhere in the world. Most of these neurosurgery hospitals are managed by Indian neurosurgeons, many of whom have initially for decades, undergone extensive training & work experience in developed countries like UK, Canada & the United States. India maintains a large contingent of over 1000 neurosurgeons engaged in actively performing both brain & spine surgeries in hospitals across India.

Undergo Brain Tumor Treatments with IndianMedTrip

IndianMedTrip is a globally reputed healthcare provider offering a wide spectrum of treatment packages including for brain tumor surgery for international patients from all across the world. Associated with top recognized neurosurgeons & the best accredited super specialty hospitals in the country, IndianMedTrip is the undisputed leader who can provide you the most competitive treatment packages without compromising on the quality of treatment procedures. Brain tumor surgery treatment packages offered by IndianMedTrip are invariably better than the average cost of brain tumor treatment in the country. Offering a host of seamless services which are required to give international patients a hassle-free healthcare experience, IndianMedTrip in fact is poised to help you experience as good as your medical journey can get.


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