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Customized Packages Available For Complete Health Checkup in Goa

Screening tests are lab tests which help identify people with increased risk of disease or a condition much before they have symptoms or even realize that they may be at risk so as to take preventive measures. Screening tests are a vital part of preventive healthcare.

Health Screening Tests

Health screening tests are medical tests which check for diseases before they can display symptoms. These screenings eventually help doctors find diseases in early stages when they are much easier to treat. In medicine, screening is a strategy which is also used upon populations to identify unrecognized diseases in individuals without any signs & symptoms, including individuals with unrecognized symptomatic or pre-symptomatic disease. Undergoing screening tests is one of the best things we can do for good health.

Why Undergo Screening Tests?

Stress of modern living & lifestyle has contributed beyond doubt to rise in silent diseases like stroke, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes & cancer. As we must take personal responsibility for our health, medical screening is essential so as to detect & diagnose disease in early stages in order to maintain health & well being. Early detection of disease will allow better management & treatment outcomes effectively retaining quality of life. Many hospitals nowadays offer comprehensive range of health screening packages to effectively meet requirements of different individuals & corporate. These screening packages are selectively designed to identify risk factors by providing early evidence of silent diseases.

Customized & Evidence Based Health Screening

These packages are developed by expert doctors in the field who very well know just what you need. Customized & evidence based health screenings provide accurate assessment of individual health. Follow-up care is also available at most hospitals so as to address specific health concerns. In case you are having any specific pre-existing health condition or any family medical history, it would be sensible to let doctors know about such situations. Many hospitals also provide health screening specialists to accompany patients throughout screening so that all their health concerns can be answered during screening.

Preparing for Health Screening Tests

It would be beneficial for patients to bring along the following documents for screening tests.

  • Passport / Work Permit / Employment Pass
  • Past Medical Records including X-ray films & List of Current Medications
  • Staff Identification & Company letter for Screening under Corporate Accounts

Fasting Before Screening Tests

It is expected that patients will fast the night before scheduled screening. Fasting enables obtain accurate diagnosis of glucose & lipid profile tests. Screening patients should not indulge in taking any food and/or flavored drinks prior to fasting. However, they can drink only plain water. They can also continue taking all current medications except for diabetes medication. They can continue with diabetes medication & nutrition only after blood specimens have been taken and/or when they have finished with ultrasound of abdomen and/or hepatobiliary ultrasound (HBS) examination.

Health Screening Packages

  • Eye Check UpPatients should bring along their glasses during examination.
  • Chest X-RayLadies should inform the radiographer if they are pregnant or suspect to be. They should also avoid wearing jewelry during test.
  • Urine AnalysisWomen should schedule appointment at least 3 days after last day of menstruation.
  • Stool AnalysisStool collecting kits may be issued to patients on the day of examination. Sample of stools may be collected on the same day or on the next day.
  • Treadmill Stress ECGThis test is optional. Patients should however avoid taking medications which can slow down heart rate before tests. Medications like atenolol should be avoided at least 48 hours before test. It would be ideal to check with the doctors if patients are unsure and/or about any cardiac or blood pressure medicines. Patients should also bring along a set of sports attire & shoes for running. It would be sensible to avoid heavy meals before Treadmill Stress ECG test.
  • MammogramWomen should schedule mammogram test appointment at least 7 days after last days of menstruation. You should also avoid using deodorant, talcum powder or body lotion on chest as these can interfere with X-ray results. Also avoid wearing jewelry during test & postpone mammogram in case you are or suspect to be pregnant.
  • Pap SmearAppointment for this test should be scheduled at least 7 days after last day of menstruation. Optimal time for Pap Smear test is 14 days after last day of menstruation.
  • Ultrasound AbdomenPatients should not drink or eat anything at least 6 hours before Ultrasound Abdomen test.
  • Ultrasound Hepatobiliary (HBS)Patients should not drink or eat anything at least 6 hours before Ultrasound Hepatobiliary test.
  • Ultrasound PelvisDrink 3 glasses of water about 60 minutes prior to Ultrasound Pelvis test. However, do not empty bladder before examination.
  • Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)Women should make it a point to inform radiographers in case they are pregnant, or suspect to be.

Health Screening Tests in India

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