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Demand For Mommy Makeover Surgery Rising Dramatically

Mommy makeover surgeries are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Today, even women who had never thought about plastic surgery are undergoing Mommy Makeovers. A mommy makeover surgery is a combination of plastic surgery procedures that rejuvenates a woman’s figure after pregnancy. Post pregnancy a women’s body changes completely. Most women suffer from sagging breasts, loose skin, stretch marks and loss of breast volume. Mommy Makeover surgeries are specially designed to rejuvenate the post-pregnancy body parts and give new mommies backs their pre-pregnancy body figure.

Mommy makeover surgeries

1. Breast Surgery

During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts can increase in size as the mammary glands are filled with milk. After the mother top producing milk, the mammary glands return to their previous shape but it can also leave the skin stretched. This can cause some drooping and create a deflated appearance.

2. Breast lift

A breast lift surgery reshapes the breasts natural tissues into a more lifted, youthful shape. The surgeon will remove the excess skin lift the nipples higher in the breasts, and give it a youthful shape.

3. Breast Augmentation

Brest augmentation surgery is for women who have lost their volume of the breast and have sagging skin post pregnancy. Patients choose to have both a breast lift and breast augmentation performed at once. The surgeon can lift the breast and inserts implants at the same time for a fuller and perkier look.

4. Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is also known as tummy tuck surgery. This surgery removes excess skin around the area of the abdomen. While performing the surgery the surgeon creates a horizontal on the abdomen below the navel. The surgery can involve liposuction and tighten of separated abdominal muscles as well.

5. Arm and Thigh Lifts

Arm and thigh lift surgery are performed to remove the excess skin and fat from the upper arms and thighs to provide them with a toned and fit look.

Advantages of mommy makeover surgery

  • Boosts confidence.
  • Tightens the skin.
  • Provides women with a more proportionate figure.
  • Reshapes the entire body.
  • Eliminates the excess fats.
  • Reduces stretch marks by 95%.
  • The surgery lowers the risk of skeletal deformities.
  • The surgery increases physical freedom of the women.
  • Less healing time.
  • Reduces or increases breast size as desired.
  • Huge savings on a combination of surgeries.

Mommy Makeover Surgery in India

Mommy makeover surgeries are very expensive all around the globe whereas in India these surgeries are available at quite reasonable costs. Makeover surgeries have a remarkable success rate in India. Highly proficient cosmetic surgeons add to the success rate of Mommy Makeover surgeries performed in India. Many patients from abroad come to India and avail the world-class medical facilities in India. In such cases, medical tourism companies play an important role. IndianMedTrip is amongst the fastest growing medical tourism companies in India. IndianMedTrip Healthcare Consultants has the largest network of associated cosmetic surgeons. IndianMedTrip is also associated with the top most healthcare giants across the country. The services offered are accesses to reputed & accredited hospitals in India ranging from doctor’s appointment to medical visa assistance, airport pickup and drop facilities, accommodation, hospital admission formalities food arrangement, and luxurious visits to exotic locations within the country. IndianMedTrip aims to provide their patients with extremely compassionate & competent medical services at the most affordable costs.

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