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Dental Bone Grafting Surgery

A dental bone grafting surgery is used to restore the bone in your jaw to its original form after a trauma injury, tooth loss or gum disease. It is also used to maintain the structure of the bone after a tooth extraction.

Dental Bone Grafting

Why Dental Bone Grafting Surgery is done?

A dental bone grafting surgery is helpful in restoring as well as maintaining your facial bone structure. Many dental procedures such as the dental implant procedure require the bone be similar to its original shape and position for best results. It is also necessary for the facial bones to be as close to original as possible to in order to support the skin and muscles that are responsible for external cosmetic appearance.

What are the types of Dental Bone Grafting?

There are basically two different bone graft types:

1. Auto-graft

An auto-graft bone implant is harvested (obtained) from another point in the patient’s body and transplanted to the required site. This is a better and more convenient graft material as it is composed of the patient’s own blood cells and carries no risk of infection or disease transmission. The main disadvantage of the auto-graft material is the additional surgical procedure that needs to be performed to obtain the graft material and at times it becomes difficult to find sufficient graft material as is required by the implant.

2. Allo-graft

An allo-graft bone material is taken from a donor and tested and processed to make it as safe as possible for the transferring (implant) procedure into the donated site. The main advantage of an allo-graft bone is that it is easier to obtain and does not require an additional surgical procedure to harvest (obtain) it from the patient.

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What is the need for a Dental Bone Grafting Surgery?

Your body is able to maintain healthy cells in it through continuously cycling healthy cells into the tissues after it gets damaged to remove the damaged or affected cells and replace them with new and healthy cells.

The grafting procedure is useful as it provides a supportive framework of material in the damaged areas of the bone so as to promote the normal cycle of healthy cells into the affected parts of the bone and help in the restoring and rebuilding process. With time the graft material gets incorporated into the natural structure as natural bone forms around it eventually.

Am I a candidate for Dental Bone Grafting Surgery?

Your dentist or dental surgeon will be able to help you with all queries regarding a dental bone graft and if you are the ideal candidate for it.

Ideally a person is considered to be a candidate for a dental bone graft procedure if:

  • They require a bone graft for a successful sinus augmentation procedure
  • The doctor recommends a procedure for localized alveolar ridge augmentation in order to restore bone in the localized alveolar ridge after a tooth removal procedure
  • There is one or more missing teeth
  • The jaw bone is fully matured
  • There is inadequate bone for implant procedure
  • The oral tissues are healthy

What are the Dental Bone Grafting procedures?

A dental bone grafting procedure requires the removal of all the damaged and affected parts in the tooth and the base bone of the jaw. The dental surgeon will use tiny surgical instruments to remove the debris from the implant site as well as clear any infection from it.

The next step is to shape the bone graft into the exact dimensions of the implant site for better acceptance and also to restore the original form. After the bone graft is shaped according to requirement the dental surgeon will place this grafted piece of bone in the implant site and might use a surgical adhesive to hold it in place till natural integration begins.

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After the integration has reached satisfactory stage the dental surgeon will then drill holes in the jaw bone after cutting a small incision into the gum. This hole is used to place the dental implant according to the requirement of the different procedures.

This dental implant is firmly fixed into the implanted dental bone and starts to get integrated into the jaw bone naturally.

Dental Bone Grafting surgery in India

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