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Disc Replacement Surgery India

What is Disc Replacement Surgery?

Other names of Disc Replacement Surgery are disc prosthesis, spine arthroplasty or artificial disc, which is a newer surgical procedure to relieve lower back pain. Disc replacement surgery is performed on the lumbar spine or on the cervical spine. In this procedure, the degenerated  intervertebral discs of the spine are replaced with the artificial device in the lumbar or cervical region of the spine. Disc Replacement Surgery is an alternative to spinal fusion & symptomatic disc herniation.

Artificial Disc Replacement

Types Of Disc Replacements

The two types of disc replacements are:

  • Total Artificial disc replacement: In this procedure, a painful disc is replaced with an artificial disc.
  • Disc nucleus replacement: In this procedure, only the inner portion of the disc called the nucleus is replaced with a device.

Am I Candidate for Disc Replacement Surgery?

If you are experiencing or suffering from back pain which is mostly due to 1 or 2 intervertebral disks in the lumbar spine. OR There is an insignificant facet joint disease or bony compression of nerves. OR There was no prior major surgery in the lumbar spine but still you have pain. OR If there is no scoliosis, then you are the candidate for Disc Replacement Surgery.

Artificial Disc Replacement Candidates


Diagnosis of Disc Problems

  • The doctor will perform clinical diagnosis to determine the cause of the pain of the back, neck, nerve, and other symptoms.
  • A physical examination and laboratory tests are done as per the patient’s symptoms
  • A test that involves checking the functioning of the nerve in certain parts such as legs or arms is performed. The doctor will tap specific area with a diagnostic hammer to check the patient’s reflexes, weak reflexes or total absence of reflexes in the patient indicates a compressed nerve.
  • The doctor will also check for the muscle strength to determine if there is muscle atrophy, twitching or abnormal movements.
  • Feeling the affected area can help in identifying the exact location of the pain and its type. Like sacroiliac joint pain increases while straightening the leg or pressure & pain in the lower back helps the doctor in identification of the location of the pain.

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Preparations to be done for Disc Replacement Surgery

  • Have an in-depth talk with your doctor about the pre surgery or post surgery preparations.
  • Before surgery follow light exercises like walking and biking.
  • Develop eating healthy food habits before surgery. Consume lots of fruits, green vegetables, whole & nutritious grains and fiber foods. These foods maintain a proper bowel function before and after surgery.
  • Refrain from smoking and alcohol.
  • Arrange a responsible adult or relative for driving  you to and from the hospital for your surgery.
  • If a doctor has prescribed few medications for before or after surgery, make sure you should stock up beforehand.

Artificial Disc Replacement surgery preparation

How is Disc Replacement Surgery Procedure Done?

The surgical procedure takes 4-5 hours which depends upon the number of discs to be replaced. The worn out intervertebral disc in the spinal column or cervical spine is replaced with an artificial disc in arthroplasty. Under a general anesthesia, an oblique incision up to 8 cm is made in the left part of the belly button, and the muscles are gently moved. The large blood vessel, i.e. peritoneal sac is pulled back to the side. The surgeon uses special Retractors to visualize anterior part of the intervertebral disc and X-rays confirm the level of the spine. The disc is removed with the surgical instruments. The distractor restores the artificial disc’s height and checks its size for implantation. Later the prosthesis is carefully placed with the instruments, Fluoroscopic x-rays confirm its position and placement. The surgical site is cleaned with sterile water and later closed with surgical glue and strong sutures.

Recovery time for Disc Replacement Surgery

It is an in-patient procedure, therefore the doctor advises the patient to stay in the hospital for 4-5 days post surgery. On the same day or after a day, the doctor may ask the patient to stand on his feet. After a week or 15 days, the patient can resume his/her normal activities with few limitations. After 8-10 weeks, the patient can resume his/her routine work.

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Cost of Disc Replacement Surgery in India

The cost of the disc replacement surgery compared to the western countries is quite affordable. Many trusted hospitals in India provide total disc replacement surgery packages at modest rates.

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