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Dr. Paresh Doshi


  • Consultant Neurosurgeon- Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre
  • Visiting consultant Neurosurgeon at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai
  • Visiting consultant Neurosurgeon at Apollo General Hospital, Chennai


  • Ch. (Neuro) University of Bombay
  • S. (General Surgery)
  • B.B.S

Brief Profile:

  • Paresh Doshi is a Consultant Neurosurgeon at the Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai
  • Highly experienced in performing surgeries for movement disorders, Parkinson’s disease interventions, and intractable epilepsies
  • Clinically trained in Epilepsy Surgery and Functional & Stereotactic Neurosurgery from London
  • Performed the highest number of functional neurosurgical procedures in India, which involves 300+ movement disorders surgeries
  • Doshi is the first to perform ‘Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy’ in India.
  • He has expertise in treating cases of brain tumors, head trauma, neurosurgeries, pediatric neurosurgeries, spinal surgeries, vascular etc.
  • He performed diverse sorts of movement disorder surgeries including deep brain stimulation, pallidotomy, subthalamic nucleus lesioning and thalamotomy


  • First Indian Neurosurgeon to perform Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.
  • Over 400 Stereotactic surgeries, including 12 brainstem procedures
  • Only Asian in the International Task Force for Movement Disorders Surgery
  • Performed all varieties of Epilepsy surgery including Awakecraniotomies, corpus callosotomy, Lobectomies and lesionectomy
  • Performed more than 125 movement disorders surgeries

Authorized Member of:

  • Executive committee member Asian Australasian Society of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
  • Member of the Indian Society of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
  • Member of Indian Academy of Neurology
  • Member of Movement Disorder Society
  • Member of the Neurological Society of India
  • Treasurer- Indian Society of Stereoatactic and Functional Neurosurgery.
  • Trustee of the Parkinson’s disease Foundation of India, lay society helping Parkinson’s patients
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