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Epilepsy Surgery India

Epilepsy SurgeryWhat is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is identified by unprovoked seizures which recurrent in nature. This is a chronic disorder and it can be complicated in some cases where the patients have different kinds of seizures and may also have some neurological problem as well. The source of epilepsy lies in the human brain and although the seizures may affect almost any part of the body, the root cause of the problem lies in the brain where the electrical events producing the seizure are generated. Epilepsy is a life altering ailment which can negatively impact safety of the individual, relationships, driving, work and a lot many other areas of life. The social stigma associated with epilepsy often creates a larger problem than the ailment itself.

Types of Epilepsy

There are several types of epilepsy, which include:

  • Absence epilepsy – In this type of epilepsy the patient usually loses consciousness for short intervals of time. Usually this type begins in childhood or teenage and tends to have family history. During the seizures the patients may have involuntary movements like a rapidly blinking eye or a jerking arm. A person continues with the activity immediately after the seizure, but these occur so frequent in a way that they find it difficult to concentrate. Absence epilepsy that starts in childhood often stops after puberty and does not leave any marked effect on brain functioning.
  • Temporal lobe epilepsy – This has focal seizures and is one of the most common types of epilepsy and also begins in childhood. Patients with this type of epilepsy often experience some sort of auras. According to research the part of the brain also known as the hippocampus can shrink in size over a period of time due to this epilepsy.
  • Neocortical epilepsy – In this type of epilepsy the seizures begins in the outer layer of the brain. It can be generalized or focal and may include weird sensations, emotional changes, visual hallucinations, convulsions, muscle spasms, and other symptoms.

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Causes of Epilepsy

There are many possible causes of epilepsy and due to the complexity sometimes the underlying cause of the ailment may not be found. There are three main groups of causes of epilepsy – symptomatic, idiopathic and cryptogenic epilepsy.

  • Symptomatic epilepsy – This is the case when the cause of epilepsy is known like a head injury, improper development of the brain, infection like meningitis, a scar, a stroke, or a tumor. There can also be genetic reasons like tuberous sclerosis which results in structural abnormalities in the brain.
  • Idiopathic epilepsy – This is caused by genetic tendency or due to some changes that happen in the genes before the they are born
  • Cyptogenic epilepsy – In this case the cause of the ailment is not yet found.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

The only visible symptoms of epilepsy are repeated seizures although these seizures can be of different types. They can last for a few seconds or some minutes and the patient may or may not lose consciousness. Sometimes the patient does not remember what happened while they were having the seizure and they may even not realize that they had a seizure. In cases of seizures where the patient falls down or there is stiffening of muscles are easy to recognize, but in some cases these reactions may not be present which makes it difficult to recognize them. During some seizures the patient may simply stare into space for a short period of time while there may be a few muscle twitches in others or the person can get a strange smell or visual disturbance.

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Epilepsy Treatment Options At Best Hospitals in India

Epilepsy is a treatable disorder and the seizures can be controlled in about 60% – 70% of patients with a simple inexpensive drug. In about 15% – 20% patients’ more than one drug may be needed and they may need some new drug which may be a little expensive. In the 5-10% cases where the seizures are poorly controlled by drugs, surgery may be recommended and this surgery can even completely cure epilepsy. The best part is that low cost and high quality epileptic treatment is available in state of the art hospitals in India. The doctors working in these hospitals are often trained in some advanced countries and the Indian doctors are well known for their empathetic approach.

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