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Facts You Should Know About Bilateral Knee Replacement

Bilateral Knee Replacement – An Overview

A bilateral knee replacement surgical procedure is used to replace the damaged knee joint along with its components using artificial prosthetics and implants. This is helpful in restoring the lost functionality and movement in the person’s knee.

The knee replacement surgical procedure is usually advised by the doctor when all other medicinal or surgical treatment procedures fail to address the problem. The bilateral knee replacement surgical procedure is a safe and efficient procedure to relieve the pain as well as correct the leg deformity.

The plethora of experienced and well-trained orthopedic surgeons in India has made it one of the most sought-after destinations to get the best treatment at the lowest cost. Thousands of foreign patients afflicted with painful arthritis of the knee or with traumatic knee injuries come to India every year and get successful and efficient bilateral knee replacement surgeries in India and go home with regained knee movement and function.


Need for Bilateral Knee Replacement

The knee joint is mainly made of three main components:

  • Lower end of femur
  • Patella (knee cap)
  • Upper end of shinbone

The knee joint is the largest weight-bearing joint in the body and is crucial to perform everyday activities such as walking and sitting. The point where these three bones meet is covered with a soft cartilage tissue that provides the required lubrication and cushioning for the knee joint’s smooth movements. There are a number of large ligaments that keep the femur and tibia joined and stable and the strong thigh muscles give strength to the knee joint.

Causes of knee joint disability

Arthritis is the main cause of knee joint replacement to be required and a severe trauma to the knee region also results in requiring a bilateral knee replacement. The three most severe forms of arthritis – Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and post-traumatic arthritis – cause the largest amount of pain and need a knee replacement procedure to relieve this pain.

Bilateral Knee Replacement procedure

A bilateral knee replacement surgery is also known as ‘knee resurfacing’ surgery as only the surfaces of the bones are replaced rather than all the components.

The procedure is performed after administering general anesthesia to the patient. Prior to the surgery  a complete health-check is performed by the doctor and approval is given to go ahead with the surgical procedure.

The surgeon will then make an 8-12 inch incision in front of your knee joint and pull the skin and tissues apart to gain access to your knee joint clearly.

The affected cartilage and bone surfaces at the femoral and tibial end are removed carefully.

The surgeon will next shape the bone ends to fit the artificial metal implants so the implants can be fixed to the bone ends by ‘press fit’ method, or by using a surgical adhesive to join the implants properly.

If needed, the surgeon will also shape and groove the inner surface of the patella (kneecap) to fit a plastic button.

The next step is for the surgeon to add a surgical plastic spacer between the two metal components (on the ends of the tibia and fibula) to act as a cushion which allows the smooth movement of the joint implant.

After having satisfied that the implants are fitted perfectly and the movement is regained the surgeon will then close the incision of the knee.

Choose IndianMedTrip for Bilateral Knee Replacement surgery in India

IndianMedTrip is the leader in the field of Arthroplasty in India. The team of expert consultants at IndianMedTrip is well-experienced in managing all types of cases for severe arthritis and knee trauma that require bilateral knee replacement surgeries. These expert consultants have an experience of delivering the best service that makes the patient’s trip to India, including the treatment, a most successful and pleasant experience. IndianMedTrip is connected to the world’s largest network of global-quality healthcare centers and super-specialty Orthopedic hospitals and clinics to ensure that every patient gets the best and most affordable treatment with the highest of quality being maintained.

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