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Q) 01.   What Is Medical or Health Tourism?

Ans: Medical tourism is solely the process of traveling abroad to obtain certain medical procedures. Medical Tourism is not a new practice. It dates back to the earliest days of civilization. Patients would travel far & wide in search of medical expertise and counseling. However, presently it’s only few years old as an industry.


Globalization and Mass communication are major reasons for growth of Health Travel in India. Because of very large difference in costs (one can Save up to 40%-80%) combined with expertise of world famous Doctors, Health Travel to India prevent the very long waiting queues in other Developed Countries.


Q) 02.   Is it safe to receive medical treatment in a foreign country?

Ans: Yes, it is entirely as safe as receiving medical treatment at home! The costs of healthcare & demands on utilization have been rising steadily in United States in the past decades. Many developing countries have been preparing for the dissatisfaction this rise is causing ensuing an elevated demand for alternatives to care.The success of the medical tourism industry depends on patient satisfaction, which makes safety a top priority for the doctors and facilities you use.


Q) 03.   Can I speak to the doctor in India before going on medical trip?

Ans: IndianMedTrip affirms to arrange a telephonic consultation with the corresponding physician in India ensuring that all of your questions are answered. We provide this as part of our total package. We want you to be totally comfortable with your decision to come to India for your medical needs.


Q) 04.   Is cost the most important factor that I should consider?
Ans: To be sure, cost is always an important factor to consider when seeking medical care. IndianMedTrip will assist you in finding the facilities and doctors which will be far less expensive when compared to their Western counterparts.


Q) 05.   Are these cost savings due to lower standards of medicine in India?

Ans: Absolutely not, the Indian medical standards match up to highly prescribed international standards. The lower costs are due to encouraging currency conversion rates & lower costs of operating in India.


Q) 06.   Why is Medical Care so Cheap in India?

Ans: Following are main reasons for lower cost of Medical Treatment in India:

-Lower Medical Education Cost

-Large Number of Medical & Paramedical Colleges

-Less Infrastructure Cost

-Minimum Insurance Cost for Practicing Doctors (for example doctors in USA require to pay medical malpractice insurance on an average $100,000 annually)

-Indian Government Focuses to keep rules & regulation in costs of Healthcare by laws. –No taxes on Healthcare which avoid monopolistic approach for drugs.

-Indian Government Hospitals Offer Treatments at Free of Cost including critical cares. –Hence private sector of hospitals has to keep the overall cost affordable.

-Healthy Competition within Private Hospitals


Q) 07.   What are the cost savings I can realize from having my procedure in India?

Ans: There is a tremendous scope for cost saving. Cost is the single greatest driver behind the booming medical tourism industry. Individuals without insurance often find low costs of receiving a procedure. The lower cost means you can obtain the procedure and recuperate in four-star accommodations, all for a fraction of the cost of having a similar procedure done at home. In fact, procedures can be 50% to 80% less expensive in foreign countries than at home.


Q) 08.   How can it be safe to travel so far after surgical procedure?

Ans: Your travel plans will be entirely managed by the surgical procedure you select. Many procedures that are non-invasive will enable you fly out the same day after procedure. When you select a procedure & destination, IndianMedTrip would make you aware of the recommended recuperation time required before returning travel.


Q) 09.   I don’t know anyone in India, how I will travel, stay & take treatment there?

Ans: IndianMedTrip will design a comprehensive package of healthcare for you. You will stay in the hospital until you are mobile post surgery. Your hospital stay may vary depending upon the treatment you undergo. While in hospital, attendants will take proper care for you.


Q) 10.   Is there MEDICAL VISA for patients opting for treatment in India & do you provide assistance for having them?

Ans: Yes, certainly there is a special MEDICAL VISA for patients who opt for treatments in India. The Visa is given for 1 year in the beginning & extended up to 2 years in case of prolonged treatments. This Visa is available to citizens of all countries. Treatment Assistance provides full assistance to the patients in documentation & paperwork required for getting VISA. Please have a verse with us before you apply for VISA so that we can guide you through every step.


Q) 11.  How do I make payments after deciding a treatment?

Ans: You will be required to make 10% advance payment to IndianMedTrip for booking your medical treatment. Balance 90% is paid on arrival at the hospital prior to undergoing any diagnostic tests and/or procedures. A final bill will be presented to you before discharge from the hospital. Travel + accommodation charges will be collected as per IndianMedTrip rules & regulations.


Q) 12.   What If Something Goes Wrong?

Ans: The Hospitals we deal have invested Millions of Dollars & would not like to have adverse affect or any negative publicity affecting their stature. They take immense care to make sure that the patient is satisfied & results are lucrative. At the same time any surgery or medical procedure entails risk & fruitful results cannot be guaranteed by anyone.


Q) 13.   What about Post-Operative Care & Convalescence?

Ans: Anyone going overseas for Surgery or Treatment should be prepared to extend their stay only if the consulting doctor says so. Everyone has their own pace of healing. Post operative consultation is also achievable over E-mails & telephone calls. Nonetheless, Medical tourists are advised to make arrangements with their family doctor at home for diagnostic & aftercare.


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