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Fixing Dental Problems with Dental Veneers

Dental VeneersDental Veneers are also known as Porcelain Veneers or Dental Porcelain Laminates. These are wafer-thin custom-made shells which are colored like teeth & designed to cover front surfaces of teeth so as to improve appearance. Dental veneer shells are bonded to front of teeth & effectively change shape, size, length & color of teeth. Dental veneers are commonly made from porcelain or resin composite materials. Porcelain dental veneers resist stains much better than resin veneers & also better mimic light reflecting properties found in natural teeth. However, resin dental veneers are thinner & therefore require lesser removal of tooth surface prior to placement. Patients will however need to discuss the best choice of dental veneer material with the dentist, so as to determine suitability.

How are Dental Veneers Useful?

Veneers are routinely used by dentists to fix a variety of dental problems.

These include –

  • Discolored teeth due to root canal treatment.
  • Stained teeth from excessive fluoride, tetracycline, other drugs or other causes.
  • Discolored teeth from presence of large resin fillings.
  • Worn down teeth.
  • Broken or chipped teeth.
  • Uneven, misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth having craters or bulges.
  • Spaces or gaps between teeth are closed using veneers.

Diagnosis & Dental Veneers Treatment Plan

This is the first step which involves active participation of the patient. Patients must let dentists know results they are trying to achieve during this appointment. Dentists will take this opportunity to examine teeth so as to make sure dental veneers are the most appropriate treatment plan. They will also discuss the treatment procedure with patients, including scope & limitations. Dentists may also take X-rays & possibly make impressions of teeth & mouth during this appointment session.

Preparing for Dental Veneers

Dentists will need to remove about 0.5 millimeter of enamel from tooth surface as preparation for dental veneer. This amount is nearly equal to the thickness of veneer which is to be added to tooth surface. Dentist will also in consultation with the patient decide need for local anesthetic to numb the area before trimming enamel. Subsequently they will make an impression or model of the tooth involved & which will then be sent to a dental laboratory so as to construct the veneer. Generally, it will take about 7 – 15 days of time for dentists to receive customized dental veneers back from a laboratory. Temporary dental veneers can also be requested to be placed for additional costs for unsightly teeth.

Dental Veneers Treatment Procedure

Patients will normally require 3 trips to a dentist for getting dental veneers. One is for consultation & 2 trips for making & applying dental veneers. Single tooth or many teeth can simultaneously undergo veneering procedure at the same session.

Bonding Procedure

Dentists will typically temporarily place dental veneer on tooth to examine for fitness & color prior to permanently cementing dental veneer on tooth. This veneer may be repeatedly removed & trimmed as needed in order to achieve proper fit. Color of veneer can also be adjusted with the shade of cement which is to be used. Preparing the tooth for receiving veneer requires cleaning, polishing & etching which will also roughen tooth so as to allow strong bonding. Special cement is subsequently applied to veneer which is then placed on the tooth. Dentists will then apply a special light beam to dental veneer once it is properly positioned on tooth. This process will activate chemicals in cement which will cause it to cure or harden very quickly. Finishing process involves removal of excessive cement, evaluating bite & making final adjustments to veneer as required. Dentists may also ask patients to return for follow-up checks in a couple of weeks so as to evaluate placement & how gums are responding to presence of veneers.

Advantages of Dental Veneers

Some benefits of Dental Veneers are listed below.

  • Veneers provide natural appearance of healthy tooth.
  • Gum tissue generally tolerates porcelain.
  • Porcelain dental veneers are effectively stain-resistant.
  • Color of porcelain veneer can be chosen so as to make dark teeth appear whiter.
  • Offer a conservative approach to changing shape & color of teeth.
  • Veneers do not require extensive shaping prior to procedure.
  • Dental veneers offer a stronger & aesthetic alternative.

Maintaining Dental Veneers

Maintaining dental veneers is actually quite simple. Patients only have to treat them as they would treat normal original teeth with routine brushing & flossing. Dentists would typically suggest using non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste. Patients are normally required to revisit the dental clinic for evaluation 7 days after veneers are placed. This scheduled appointment is vital to future of oral health even when patients feel their dental veneers are a success. Dentists may often recommend a nighttime bite guard, in case patients have a habit of clenching & grinding teeth, so that they do not damage veneers. It would also be sensible for patients to return to dentists for regular professional maintenance as porcelain veneers need to be polished with a specially formulated non-abrasive paste & also because dentists require to inspect dentistry for any signs of potential failure.

Affordable Dental Veneers Treatment in India

Normally, dental veneers last anywhere between 5 – 10 years of time, after which they will need to be replaced. India has emerged as a globally leading healthcare tourism destination providing a wide spectrum of affordable medical treatments including dentistry & dental veneers. IndianMedTrip is associated with top dentists & best accredited dental clinics offering high-quality yet low cost dental procedures for international patients seeking services. Moreover, dentistry can be ideally combined with tourism. Healthcare consultants associated with IndianMedTrip will be delighted to combine an exotic recuperative vacation at reasonable costs to go along with your dental procedure so as to make your wellness journey a memorable experience.

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