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Gall Bladder Surgery

What Is Gall Bladder Surgery?

Gall bladder surgery is the removal of the gall bladder from the body with surgical methods. Usually gallbladder stones develop due to accumulation of cholesterol and bile salts. The cause of gallstones is uncertain, but usually the only way to treat them is to remove the gall bladder completely. Earlier the surgery involved a five to seven inch incision, but now technology has advanced and most surgeons use the laproscopic method for gall stone removal which requires only few small incisions.

Gall Bladder

Why Gall Bladder Surgery Is Done?

The accumulated cholesterol and bile salts in the gall bladder form small and hard stones which cause the gall bladder to become inflamed resulting in acute abdominal pain. At the same time, patients with gall stones also have many digestive problems as the gall stones interfere with the gall bladder functions of aiding in digestion with the bile that is released from the gall bladder.

There is no medicinal or other method to remove the gall stones and the only way out is to remove the entire gall bladder with surgical methods.

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Preparing For Gall Bladder Surgery

  • In the preparation before surgery you need to get some blood tests done along with medical evaluation and an EKG.
  • The surgeon will review the risks and benefits of the operation and will ask you for a written consent for the surgery
  • It is advisable to take a bath with antibiotic soap the night before and on the morning of the surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before the surgery. Even the medicines that you take have to be confirmed by the surgeon on the morning of the surgery and you should take no more than a sip of water for these.
  • You may need to stop all blood thinners, anti inflammatory medication and vitamin E almost a week before the surgery.
  • Do not use diet medication or St John’s Wort for two weeks before surgery
  • Stop smoking and stay away from alcohol a week before surgery
  • Do not shave the abdomen

How Is Gall Bladder Surgery Performed?

  • The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia
  • The surgeon makes an incision in the area of the belly button and inserts a cannula which is a narrow tube like instrument
  • A camera attached to a laproscope which is essentially a small telescope is inserted through the cannula. This allows the surgeon to look at the magnified images of the internal organs which are viewed on a television screen
  • Other cannulas needed to gently separate the gall bladder from attachments are also inserted.
  • An X ray known as a cholangiogram is used to identify the gall stones and also the structures that have been identified.
  • If stones are found in the common bile duct, they will be removed with a special scope. The surgeon may also choose to leave them to be removed at a later stage.
  • Once the gall bladder is removed the incisions will be closed with absorbable stitches or surgical tape or glue.

After Gall Bladder Removal

  • There is an amount of post operative pain as this is a major surgical procedure
  • There also may be temporary nausea and vomiting for 1-2 days due to the after effects of the general anesthesia
  • Usually patients go home the same day after laproscopic surgery and sometimes they may have to stay in the hospital overnight
  • The activity depends on how well the patient is feeling and it is advisable to walk a little starting the day of the surgery.
  • If there is any fever, yellowing of eyes or skin, severe abdominal pain, persistent nausea and vomiting, distention or drainage from the incisions, you should see your doctor immediately
  • You can return to work within seven days of the surgery, but those who are involved in manual labor may need a few more days

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Success Rate of Gall Bladder Surgery

The success rate of this surgery done with the laproscopic method is almost 100%. This means, that virtually every time this surgery is performed on an individual, the operation is completed.

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