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Affordable Gastric Imbrication Surgery for Weight Loss

Gastric Imbrication Surgery is also known as Gastric Plication Surgery. This is a weight loss laparoscopic procedure which is relatively new & designed for reducing stomach volume with having to remove any tissue. During this weight loss surgery the stomach is folded within itself and subsequently stitched in order to reduce size while creating a narrow tube-shaped stomach which is quite similar to sleeve gastrectomy surgery. However, gastric imbrication surgery does not involve any cutting of stomach tissue which is to be removed. As a result, patients undergoing gastric imbrication surgery will eat less & lose weight as well.

Gastric Imbrication Surgery Procedure

Gastric Imbrication Surgery

Team of doctors & medical professionals led by a bariatric surgeon will perform the gastric imbrication surgery through the laparoscopic method. Laparoscopy will ensure that the procedure will not involve any large abdominal incision, instead the operation is performed through small incisions through which a camera & specially designed operating instruments will be inserted. These laparoscopic instruments will allow the bariatric surgeon perform the gastric imbrication surgery which is precise and causing minimal trauma to the patient’s body. Laparoscopic gastric imbrication surgery will allow the patient undergo less discomfort, reduce risk of surgical complication & chances of quicker recovery at the same time. This weight loss surgery will typically take just about 60 minutes of time when performed by experienced surgeons. However, patients will be fully unconscious & placed under general anesthesia during this operation. While gastric imbrication surgery will work like sleeve gastrectomy and retain functions, it is also reversible as no stomach tissue is removed unlike the traditional sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Moreover, gastric imbrication surgery is as flexible as lap band or stomach band weight loss procedure.

Benefits of Gastric Imbrication Surgery

Primary benefit of minimally invasive laparoscopic gastric imbrication surgery is that it can also be performed as an outpatient weight loss procedure which will result in lesser pain, lesser loss of blood along with shorter time for recovery as well. Secondly, gastric plication surgery does not remove any stomach tissue and uses plastic sutures and which makes it possible to reverse the procedure. Lastly, gastric imbrication surgery does not require implanting any medical weight loss device in abdomen, but when it is combined with adjustable gastric band surgery will result in more weight loss than when it is applied alone.

Laparoscopic Gastric Imbrication Surgery with Adjustable Gastric Band

Adjustable gastric band is one of the safest and most effective weight loss surgery procedures offered nowadays. This procedure involves laparoscopically placing an adjustable gastric band around the top portion of stomach. Adjustable gastric band procedure is also reversible and can be easily customized for patients desiring weight loss according to their individual requirements. Some adjustable gastric band patients experience slower weight loss than expected and therefore opt for some other weight loss procedure to go with it. Adding laparoscopic gastric imbrication surgery with adjustable gastric band generally enhances the patient’s weight loss experience. Adding them together require fewer adjustments than just undergoing gastric band alone. Moreover, the patient may also be able to lose more weight in less time than these procedures could have done alone.

Benefits of Lap Band with Gastric Imbrication Surgery

Both these weight loss procedures are minimally invasive in nature nor requiring any cutting or stapling of stomach or re-routing intestines, fewer adjustments are also required in combination than it were with lap band surgery alone. Along with lap band, bariatric surgeons would also reduce 60 – 70 percent of the stomach by sewing it in folds. This way in combination they are much more effective for weight loss than lap band surgery alone. Moreover, gastric imbrication surgery is potentially a good option for obese patients who are not ideal candidates for other bariatric weight loss procedures because of their medical or surgical history. Low risk of complications when compared to other weight loss procedures coupled with encouraging outcomes has made gastric imbrication surgery a favorite choice of both the patients and bariatric surgeons.

Affordable Gastric Imbrication Surgery with IndianMedTrip

IndianMedTrip is closely associated with top bariatric surgeons & the best accredited hospital facilities performing weight loss surgery in the country. International patients who are seeking good quality of weight loss procedures like gastric imbrication surgery at affordable costs can benefit by undergoing procedures in India. Overseas patients can in fact save substantial amounts of money by undergoing medical procedures here. Seamless services offered by IndianMedTrip include assisting patients in obtaining medical visas, warm reception at the airport on arrival, local transportation, accommodations as per patient’s requests near the treatment facility, scheduling appointments for treatment sessions, follow-up evaluation checks and an affectionate farewell when patients head back home following successful and satisfactory outcomes.

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