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Healthcare in Kuwait

Kuwait stands among most beautiful Islamic countries of Western Asia. This country is located at northern end of Eastern Arabia and enclosed by two extraordinarily attractive countries Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Kuwait is popularly known for its oil reserves. Various skyscrapers, spellbinding mosques, beaches and pleasant ambience are some of the main specialties of Kuwait. However, when we consider regarding healthcare system of Kuwait, medical treatments in Kuwait are very expensive. Healthcare in Kuwait

Current Scenario of Kuwait Healthcare

Diseases such as obesity, heart diseases and pediatric diseases are the major issues which are being faced by Kuwaitis. If we speak about Kuwait healthcare system in terms of its infrastructure, McKinsey reports state that currently there are only 19 beds which are available per 10,000 patients. This ratio clearly defines the real picture of medical services in Kuwait. This is why patients have started seeking medical tourism from Kuwait to another country. 

Differences of Costings for Healthcare in Kuwait and India

Kuwait healthcare services are very costly and patients need to spend a lot of money for availing high-quality medical solutions in Kuwait. Whereas, India offers similar top-quality treatments and surgeries at highly affordable prices. In fact, India has managed to be one of the first-class healthcare destinations across the world due to availability of latest and cost-effective services. To be honest, Kuwaitis can save up to thirty to seventy percent of their money by undergoing treatments in India. 

Excellent Healthcare Facilities with Low Costings in India as Compared to Kuwait

Majority of super-specialty healthcare centers in India are well-resourced with high-end facilities like state-of-the-art technology. In addition to this, medical professionals in India are well-qualified, talented and experienced. They understand how to handle complex cases with ease. This is what gives them an upper hand amongst medical practitioners all across the world especially, Kuwait. On top of this, their success record is also very high as compared to doctors of Kuwait. 

Benefits of Choosing IndianMedTrip for Medical Tourism from Kuwait to India

IndianMedTrip is one of the most reputed healthcare service consultants in India. Their goal is to provide finest healthcare solutions to each and every patient from Kuwait seeking medical tourism in India at reasonable prices. They are associated with top-notch hospitals in India that provide various treatments such as gynecological treatments and cancer treatments at affordable prices. They cater free online medical consultation to patients from Kuwait and design appropriate medical treatment plans for them. They also help Kuwaitis to avail their medical visas within a short period. In addition to this, they guide Kuwaitis throughout their wellness journey as well as during their post-surgical period even when they fly back to Kuwait to make sure they are healthy and safe. Therefore, patients willing to avail medical tourism from Kuwait to India can rely on peerless facilities of IndianMedTrip.

Healthcare Treatments Offered by IndianMedTrip

The given health issues are more prevalent among patients from Kuwait. IndianMedTrip can help such patients get treated in a hassle-free manner.

  • Heart DiseaseAccording to the reports of World Health Organization (WHO), deaths occurring due to heart diseases have increased in Kuwait from past few years. It nearly accounted for twenty-eight percent of deaths in a year. Doctors have stated that high blood pressure, high body mass index, poor dietary habits, and drug abuse are the main causes behind such problems.
  • Obesity Kuwait has the highest number of patients suffering from obesity or excessive body weight across the world. Around 49 % of Kuwaitis account for obesity. This is an alarming ratio, patients must reach out for apt healthcare solutions in order to minimize these levels.
  • CancerCancer of breast, prostate cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer are the major types of cancer that are known for adversely impacting health of Kuwaitis to a greater extent. Less physical activity, high body mass index, intake of improper diet and drug abuse are the main reasons which have given rise to these diseases.
  • Pediatric DiseasesMedical experts have still not found what exactly leads to pediatric diseases among Kuwaitis. However, family history of similar diseases and faulty genes may result in pediatric disorders.
  • Gynecological DiseasesWomen in Kuwait are prone to developing gynecological diseases. However, they can be prevented by maintaining good hygiene and healthy living routine.

If you are someone from Kuwait and looking for high-class healthcare solution in India, IndianMedTrip may prove beneficial for you. You just need to visit and fill up an inquiry form which will ask you for general details. You may also use call-back request facility. Once you complete this step, healthcare service consultants at IndianMedTrip will contact you within 48 hours. IndianMedTrip leaves no stone unturned for bringing positive change in patient’s life. Therefore, you need not panic regarding anything.

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