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Healthcare in United Arab Emirates

Situated in Eastern side of Arabian Peninsula, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a lovely country with rich cultural heritage. United Arab Emirates is surrounded by two most breathtakingly beautiful countries – Saudi Arabia and Oman. On top of this, there are various heavenly beaches, mountains, high-rise buildings and landmarks in this country that adds to its charm even more. However, when it comes to healthcare, medical provisions in UAE are quite expensive which a normal man cannot afford. 

Healthcare in United Arab Emirates

Current Scenario of United Arab Emirates (UAE) Healthcare

Despite the fact that government of healthcare in UAE has taken various measures to lower down the percentage of life-threatening diseases, there’s no sign of success in that scheme. Occurrence of deadly diseases such as heart diseases, obesity and pediatric diseases has increased over the last few decades in UAE. Doctors blame everything on poor life choices of Emiratis. To be honest, intake of calorie-enriched food items is more in this country which has contributed towards the development of such illnesses. Apart from that, success record of doctors in United Arab Emirates (UAE) healthcare system is also not up to the mark. This is why a massive range of Emiratis are falling victim to death. 

Differences of Costings for Healthcare in United Arab Emirates and India

Availability of first-rate medical services and high standards of treatments have made India one of the most-loved medical tourism hubs across the world. Indian hospitals provide a large range of advanced healthcare treatments at highly affordable costs. Whereas, hospitals in UAE demand a large sum of money for serving the purpose. As a matter of fact, Emiratis can retain up to fifty to seventy percent of their capital by choosing medical services in India. Not just this, they can also stay free of tension regarding their recovery and results because success record of surgeons in India is par excellence.

Superlative Healthcare Facilities with Low Costings in India as Compared to United Arab Emirates

There is no doubt in the fact that United Arab Emirates (UAE) has various multi-speciality hospitals that are well-equipped with latest technology. However, if you compare them with the hospitals in India, you will get to know that Indian hospitals are better than them in terms of technology, medical devices, doctors as well as the nursing staff that caters in these health care centers. Majority of doctors in India are highly educated, immensely skilled and experienced in their work. They have got amazing patient handling skills which reflects in their outstanding success records following any complex surgery or treatment. Therefore, you can save your money along with getting best healthcare services if you choose medical tourism in India. 

Merits of Choosing IndianMedTrip for Medical Tourism from United Arab Emirates (UAE) to India

IndianMedTrip is one of the top-class healthcare service consultants in India. IndianMedTrip assists Emiratis to get best-quality treatments under the guidance of top qualified surgeons in India. They offer free online medical consultation to patients from UAE in order to understand their healthcare requirements. They are associated with all prime medical care centers in India that are well-furnished with state-of-the-art technology and other advanced facilities for ensuring better health of Emiratis. In addition to this, they constantly stay in touch with them throughout their fitness journey as well as during their post-surgical phase even when they fly back to UAE. Therefore, Emiratis can rely upon such cost-effective and excellent healthcare services provided by IndianMedTrip. 

Healthcare Treatments Offered by IndianMedTrip

The following list describes the main diseases which have negatively affected the health of Emiratis during past few decades.

  • Heart DiseasesHeart or cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading ailments in UAE. Doctors believe that hypertension, smoking and improper eating habits such as consumption of high-calorie foods or eatables which contain a high amount of fats have given rise to such conditions in UAE.
  • CancerLung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer are the major types of cancers that are unfortunately ruling this nation. It has become the third most common reason for deaths in UAE. Emiratis must seek good-quality cancer treatments at the earliest.
  • ObesityPhysical inactivity is the main cause behind increasing number of obese patients in UAE. As per reports of World Health Organization (WHO), more than sixty percent of adults as well as children in UAE are obese. They have further predicted that this ratio is going to increase in upcoming years.
  • Pediatric Diseases There are no causes that could specify the reason behind development of severe pediatric diseases amongst Emiratis. However, doctors suggest that genetic problems may aggravate such conditions.

If you are someone from UAE who is suffering from these fatal diseases, you can contact IndianMedTrip for getting high-quality healthcare solutions. You simply have to fill up an inquiry form by visiting their website or you may take the advantage of their call-back facility. IndianMedTrip healthcare service consultants will positively respond you within 48 hours for further guidance. IndianMedTrip is all you need for availing a hassle-free medical tourism in India.

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