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Laser Skin Hair Removal Cosmetic Procedure

Laser Skin Removal Technique

Ideal for men & women who are not happy with waxing, tweezing or shaving so as to remove unwanted hair, laser skin hair removal can be an option worth considering. This is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures done in United States & is finding acceptance especially among women from all around the world. Laser hair removal beams highly concentrated light which is absorbed by pigment in hair follicles, thereby resulting in destruction of hair.

What is Laser Skin Hair Removal?

Laser skin hair removal is a medical procedure which uses intense, pulsating beams of laser light to remove unwanted hair. Laser beams pass through skin to individual hair follicles during this procedure. Intense heat of these lasers damage hair follicles by inhibiting future growth of hair. Laser skin hair removal is one of the most effective treatments for people having light colored skin & dark hair. However, even though laser hair removal successfully slows hair growth, it does not guarantee a permanent solution for hair removal. Typically, this procedure also takes multiple laser hair removal sessions in order to provide extended hair-free periods & may require timely maintenance treatments as well.

Preparing for Laser Skin Hair Removal

More than just “zapping” unwanted skin hair, laser skin hair removal is a medical procedure which requires training so as to perform since it also carries potential risks with treatment. Patients should therefore thoroughly check credentials of doctors performing treatments. Limit electrolysis, waxing or plucking at least 6 weeks before undergoing laser hair removal treatment since lasers target hair roots that are temporarily removed by such conventional methods. Patients should also make it a point to avoid sun exposure for about 6 weeks before & after laser hair removal treatments. Sun exposure generally makes laser hair removal treatment less effective & is likely to create complications following procedural treatment sessions.

Laser Skin Hair Removal Procedure

Hair undergoing treatment will be trimmed to few millimeters above skin surface just before a laser hair removal session. Adjustment of laser equipment is adjusted according to location, thickness & color of hair under treatment based upon the color of patients’ skin as well. Doctor & the patient are required to wear appropriate eye protection depending upon laser or light source which is used for treatment. Protection of outer layers of patient skin with special cooling device or cold gel is also necessary. This will also help laser light eventually penetrate skin for treatment. Doctors will then give pulses of laser light to treatment areas & watch surface of skin for several minutes so as to ensure that best settings were used & for checking any adverse reactions. On completion of laser skin hair removal procedure, patients are given cold water, anti-inflammatory lotions or cream & ice packs for local application in order to ease discomfort. Subsequent treatment sessions may be scheduled 4 – 6 weeks following this appointment. Laser hair removal treatment is required until hair completely stops growing.

Recovery & Risks Following Laser Skin Hair Removal

Treated areas of skin will look & feel sunburned for a day or two following laser skin hair removal procedure. Moisturizers & cold compresses will come handy & help recover. In case face area was treated patients can wear makeup the next day unless skin feels blistered. Treated hair will fall out slowly over the next month. Patients can also wear sunscreen in the following months in order to help prevent temporary changes in color of treated skin. Although blistering is rare, it is more likely to happen among patients with dark complexions. Other potential side effects include scarring, redness & swelling. However, changes in skin color & permanent scarring are rare following laser skin hair removal procedure.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Lasers are extremely useful for removing unwanted hair from arms, underarms, thighs, legs, face, bikini line & other areas of the body.

Benefits of Laser Skin Hair Removal Include

  • PrecisionLasers can selectively attack coarse, dark hairs while leaving surrounding skin areas undamaged.
  • SpeedEach laser pulse lasts for a fraction of a second & can effectively treat several hairs at the same time. Small areas like upper lips can be effectively treated in less than a minute & large areas including back or legs can take up to 60 minutes of time. Approximately, areas the size of a quarter can be effectively treated every second using laser hair removal procedure.
  • PredictabilityAverage 3 – 7 sessions are required by most patients for experiencing permanent hair loss.

Laser Skin Hair Removal in India

Laser skin hair removal is generally not an effective treatment option for people having red, gray, white or blond hair as lasers cannot see them. Cosmetic clinics in India however remain a favorite option for international patients seeking affordable aesthetic plastic procedures. Featuring a large pool of renowned plastic surgeons who have initially trained in western countries like UK, Canada & United States, India offers high-quality yet low-cost healthcare solutions for people from all around the world. IndianMedTrip, which is the fastest growing medical tourism company in the subcontinent, is associated with top plastic surgeons & best cosmetic hospitals so as to provide a wide spectrum of excellent aesthetic plastic solutions to people from varied geographic locations. Experts associated with IndianMedTrip will also be glad to combine an exotic recuperative holiday at reasonable costs in order to make your healthcare journey a memorable experience.


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