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Lip Reduction Cosmetic Surgery

lip-reduction-surgeryAlthough many men & women around the world undergo lip augmentation cosmetic surgery so as to increase size of upper & lower lips, there also are some people who feel that their lips are too large & want to undergo lip reduction surgery to correct the size of lips. Many individuals feel self-conscious about the appearance of their large lips but are unaware & do not know about lip reduction plastic surgery which is designed to bring down size of lips in proportion with the rest of facial features.

Good Candidates for Lip Reduction Surgery

Good candidates of lip reduction surgery include people who are naturally blessed with large lips. Cosmetic surgery for lip reduction can be performed on patients who are also unhappy with results of a lip augmentation procedure that was done in the past. Additionally, lip reduction surgery patients should be in good health & not smoke or willing to give up smoking at least one month before & after their Cosmetic Surgery Procedure.

Lip Reduction Surgery Procedure

Lip reduction procedure for most patients is performed under local anesthesia & is normally treated as an outpatient procedure. However, quite often this plastic surgery procedure is also performed under general anesthesia especially when the patient is undergoing multiple procedures or if they feel more comfortable staying unconscious during lip reduction surgery. Plastic surgeons will create a horizontal incision on the inner side of the lip during lip reduction treatment. They will then remove excessive tissue & fat from lip before closing back the incision with stitches. Lip reduction cosmetic procedure can be performed on both the lower & upper lip so as to improve appearance & balance of facial features of the patient.

Lip Reduction Surgery Risks & Side Effects

Patients undergoing lip reduction surgery should be well aware of some risks & complications associated with this plastic procedure. Side effects of lip reduction surgery include bruising, swelling, pain & redness in areas of treatment. However, these side effects generally disappear within a few days following lip reduction surgery. Other more serious risks patients encounter involving lip reduction surgeries are infection and/or allergic reaction to the type of anesthesia which is used during the procedure.

Recovery from Lip Reduction Surgery

Even though lip reduction surgery patients experience some postsurgical side effects following operation, these are typically minor in nature when compared to other more invasive procedures like a facelift or eyelid surgery. Lip reduction surgery patients should however take prescribed pain medications & apply ice bags to lips so as to limit swelling & pain in days following surgery. Plastic surgeons in most of the cases also prefer to use dissolvable sutures so that stitches do not require removal following healing. Most lip reduction surgery patients usually return to work within 7 days of this plastic procedure. However, it will take about 2 – 3 months of time for best results to appear after lip reduction cosmetic procedure.

Lip Reduction Surgery in India

India is a global favorite healthcare tourism destination for international patients to undergo a variety of affordable medical & surgical interventions including cosmetic surgery procedures like lip reduction, Facelift Surgery, Breast Augmentation & Rhinoplasty. Plastic surgeons in India are well renowned & many of them have initially trained for decades in western countries like UK, Canada & United States. They are therefore adept in handling latest technologies & are well aware of emerging trends. IndianMedTrip is your one-stop online wellness tourism platform providing a wide spectrum of high-quality yet low-cost healthcare solutions for people from all around the world. IndianMedTripHealthcare Consultantswill also be glad to combine an exotic recuperative vacation at reasonable costs so as to make your cosmetic surgery journey a memorable experience.

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