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Liver Transplantation in India

What is Liver Transplantation?

Liver Transplantation is a surgery which is performed to replace diseased or damaged liver with a new & healthy liver from the donor. Patients with the end-stage liver disease and acute liver failure benefit with the transplantation procedure. Orthotopic transplantation is quite a common procedure used by the surgeons. In thisprocedure, the patient’s damaged liver is removed and in the same anatomic location the donor liver is replaced.

Liver Transplantation

Reasons to Transplant a Liver

Liver transplantation procedure saves a life. Liver failure, or certain diseases or infections can completely damage the liver.

Various causes of liver failure are:

  • Cirrhosis, a common liver disease may need a transplant
  • For acute hepatic necrosis in which the liver tissue is completely damaged
  • Biliary atresia in which the bile ducts are not present or have not developed normally.
  • Metabolic disease: it is a condition which affects the chemical activity in liver cells.
  • Liver cancers
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Autoimmune hepatitis in which the liver is inflamed, causing cell damage and severe destruction.
  • Alcoholism
  • Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
  • Other medically genuine reason

Am I a candidate for Liver Transplant?

You are a candidate for liver transplant, if you have:

  • Hepatitis C infection, which is a chronic liver disease or
  • Have developed liver cirrhosis or
  • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis or Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Then

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Donors for Liver Transplantation

The donors list includes any family member, parent, sibling, child, volunteer and spouse.

The criteria for a liver donation is:

Liver Transplantation: Donor Criteria

  • The patient should be physically and mentally fit
  • Blood type should match with the recipient’s blood
  • The donor should be between 18-60 years
  • The BMI should be less than 35
  • Should not have diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Active or chronic infections
  • Shouldn’t indulge in an active substance abuse
  • For other donors: The decision should be completely voluntary, i.e. free from any guilt or pressure related to money or donation.

Diagnosis/Tests for Liver Transplantation

  • For pre-evaluation, the doctor may need previous medical history, therefore it is mandatory to produce all the records till date such as X-rays, liver biopsy reports and prescriptions.
  • After studying the reports the doctor will give his opinion about the line of treatment that best suits the patient.
  • Later tests may include computed tomography, in which the X-rays create pictures of the liver with dimensions (size &shape).
  • Doppler ultrasound is done to check the condition of the liver blood vessels, whether they are open or blocked.
  • Echocardiogram monitors the heart
  • The Pulmonary function is done to determine the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs
  • Women may undergo Pap test, gynecology evaluation and a mammogram.
  • Blood test for its type, structure, component, clotting factor and to gauge function of the liver.
  • AIDS test
  • Hepatitis screening

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Liver Transplantation Procedure

  • Under general anesthesia, the surgeon will make an incision somewhat like an inverted ‘Y’ shape, under the ribs & both sides of the abdomen and straight up over the breast bone.
  • A few plastic drains are placed near the liver to drain out the blood & fluid.
  • The Surgeon then carefully separates damaged liver from the attached organs, vessels and other structures.
  • For some time the arteries and the veins are clamped off with surgical instruments
  • Depending on several factors, the surgeon may use different surgical methods to remove and replace the damaged liver with the healthy liver from the donor.
  • The surgeon inspects the donor liver and attaches it to the arteries, veins and other blood vessels.
  • New liver is checked for bleeding and its function.
  • After the liver is attached to the bile ducts the incisions are closed with surgical staples.
  • A dressing is applied to the site.

Cost of Liver Transplantation Surgery in India

The cost of the liver transplantation surgery compared to the western countries is quite affordable. Many trusted hospitals provide transplantation surgery package for a modest price.

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