Medical Packages


Cardiac Packages

Over half a million cardiac surgeries are performed every year for correcting heart problems in adults & children. CABG surgery is one of the most common types of heart disease procedures performed to bypass blocked arteries so as to prevent heart attacks.

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Cosmetic Packages

Cosmetic surgery is essentially aesthetic treatment procedures designed to correct parts of the body which a patient never really got along with.

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Dental Packages

World class expertise combined with affordable costs are what draw a growing number of people from all around the world to undergo dental treatments, especially dental implants in India.

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Health Check Ups

IndianMedTrip health checkup packages are meant to integrate good health & provide early detection of medical problems.

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Orthopedic Packages

Orthopedic treatment packages offered by IndianMedTrip are not just restricted to the popular knee replacement & hip replacement procedures, by they in fact cover most injuries, diseases & conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

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Special Packages

Special surgeries offered by IndianMedTrip are meant to get to the bottom of a wide variety of medical problems including tailored procedures & advanced treatment techniques like radiosurgery or robotic surgeries.

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