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Promoted by the government and powered by the corporate boom in the healthcare sector, India has become a favored destination for medical travelers who cross national boundaries to get quality medical treatments. The expression ‘Medical Tourism fundamentally refers to a growing practice of traveling across international borders to avail top-level medical care. Medical tourism grants an opportunity for healthcare sector worldwide to grow & expand by tapping the future of international markets. A global rise in healthcare research and technologies, improved facilities of transportation and behest for immediate quality medical care have provided people overseas to travel to India for their treatments. Healthcare tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry and governments of many countries have come forward with intervention to encourage & facilitate the development of their medical tourism industries.

Why Patients Travel Abroad for Medical Treatments?

  • Many healthcare tourists from countries like the United States are seeking better treatment at a quarter or sometimes even a 10th of the price at which it is available in their native land.
  • People coming from Canada are usually patients who are baffled by long waiting periods.
  • People coming from Great Britain cannot manage to see a physician in private practice due to the high cost of treatment.
  • More patients from poorer countries such as Bangladesh & South Africa opt for medical tourism in India because of the unavailability of proper treatments in their own countries.
  • For others, becoming a healthcare tourist is a chance to merge a tropical vacation with medical therapy.

Why are International Patients Getting Attracted to Medical Tourism in India?

Medical tourism is serving as a gateway for international patients to receive affordable & quality healthcare in India. Medical tourism in India offers cost-effective medical treatments with no waiting lists and accessibility of highly experienced surgeons have spellbound an influx of global patients like never before. Overall, key selling points of Indian healthcare tourism Industry are a combination of reasonable treatments, decent & English-speaking professionals along with attraction of tourism.

Top 5 Benefits of Medical Tourism in India

  1. Availability of Resources, Skills, and Knowledge

Medical tourism in India approximately benefits from adding a whopping 30,000 doctors and staff every year to the current existing pool of over 12 lakh medical professionals. About a dozen corporate medical clinics & hospitals provide highest intensive care across all specialties. Availability of over 14,000 hospitals & 850,000 hospital beds yields adequate infrastructure aiding healthcare tourists from all around the globe.

  1. Powerful Reputation in Latest Healthcare Segment

India features a wide range of hospitals offering blue-chip treatments in almost every medical sector such as joint replacement, cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, urology & organ transplants to name a few. Indian hospitals excel in a massive number of procedures & specialties like neurosurgery, neurology, oncology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, ENT, pediatric surgery, pediatric neurology, psychiatry, rheumatology, urology, nephrology, dentistry, plastic surgery, gynecology, general medicine & general surgery.

  1. Assured Quality Healthcare with Multi Super-Speciality Hospitals

Indian hospitals are well-equipped with the latest equipment and state-of-the-art technology to serve the widest range of treatments. Many hospitals have also implemented international patient wards that engage travel requirements, translation and dietary needs of international patients exclusively. Hospitals are maintaining a perfect equilibrium between quality as well as quantity.

  1. Affordable Payment for Highest International Standard Healthcare

Indian hospitals offer a blend of health and hospitality synergy where medical treatments highlight the best & cost-effective healing procedures. The cost of getting supreme quality treatment in India is very low as compared to other medical tourism destinations. It is at the most 10% to 30% of what will be charged in nations like USA & UK while using same technology adapted by competent specialists attaining high success rates. India aims to become a premier international healthcare destination with globally recognized professionals while maintaining low-cost of medical treatment procedures.

  1. Alternative Holistic Healing Systems

India is renowned for alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, Meditation, and Yoga. India is an exotic tourist place offering everything from mountains, beaches, quaint villages, cosmopolitan cities, and pilgrimages to fit every palate. Opulent in culture & history, India has proved to be an oasis in the world, providing complete wellbeing along with the latest technology. If a patient longs for holistic healing centers then India is the best medical tourism destination where international patients can enjoy a variety of traditional treatments.

Top 20 Countries from which Patients Travel to India for Medical Treatment


Reaping Health Benefits with IndianMedTrip


Nowadays expectations are that healthcare industry in India will continue to flourish at an active speed and maintain offering superior treatments to medical tourist at a fraction of the price they can get it in their native land. Medical tourism can be broadly stated as sunshine sector facilitating economical healthcare in collaboration with tourism field for patients needing specialized treatment. IndianMedTrip is a customer-centric medical tourism facilitator in India. A global performer with local footmarks, IndianMedTrip strives to fully understand the patient’s needs while providing an able platform for connecting patients to suitable hospitals and engaging in extending all provisions to patients in undertaking their journey to alleviate health conditions. They also provide a health holiday along with treatments in order to give an opportunity to patients to get away into a different relaxing surrounding for better healing. It is like rejuvenation and cleanup on all levels – mental, physical, and emotional. India’s rapidly developing medical tour segment has been anointed by medical industry experts as the next best thing for the country.

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