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Medical Tourism in India

Why India in the First Place?

Medical treatment costs around the globe are booming to crowning heights, where affordable medical care is difficult to come to light. Indian Medical Tourism dominion has radically turned into a $2 billion industry with 30% dynamic annual growth this present year. Analysis says not less than 50,000 people are making a journey to India for treatments. Asia has been in mainstream as a destination for elective & cosmetic procedures. But in recent times, the trend has amplified & includes even more complex procedures. Abundant patients are opting to have heart & orthopedic surgery procedures performed in India. The nation’s specialized hospitals and multi-specialty clinics offer numerous invasive and non-invasive techniques in cosmetic surgery, dental care, heart surgeries, cardiac care, knee replacements, eye surgeries and much more for a reasonable price tag. The state of the art infrastructure supports every need of the patient as well as doctors. Test & scan machines are completely advanced and generate computerized reports within no time. Language is no barrier as most of the staff is a fluent English speaker. The facilities and the services provided by the internationally accredited hospitals such as Max Hospital & Apollo are exceptional. In addition to this, wellness and rejuvenating centers are trending traditional healing systems to soothe mind, spirit and health after an exhaustive treatment.

Goods & Deliverance

Hastening & leaving behind all competent global leads, India has accomplished diversifications & state-of-the-art technologies. India has a vast pool of talented & commendable doctors accompanied by English-speaking nurses & staff. The government is taking tremendous efforts & keeping no stone unturned to build this new advanced sector. Visa restrictions have been removed, wherein consecutive visits between two months gap was required. Foreign nationals can now stay in India for 30 days for medical intents. Selected countries now have the dexterity to get Visa-on-Arrival. Multifarious hospitals in the subcontinent are internationally accredited. It is not about having the time it is about making time. Waiting for hours is no more the scenario. Agility in action has now become an attribute of hospitals in our network. Surgeries in India are in consequence with other developed countries.

Making Good Of Your Tour

IndianMedTrip is in collaboration with the foremost hospital chains in India, famous for their world class performance. We have a virtuoso team of healthcare professionals to wipe out every doubt relating to cost concerns & your dilemmas. Who can get such an accord of having a vacation in peace along with an easygoing medical vacation? IndianMedTrip is an intricate fabric of medical experts working in harmony to make your travel amiable, sanative & pleasantly rewarding.

Advantages of IndianMedTrip Medical tourism

The state of the art infrastructure and pool of expertise constitutes to high quality healthcare in India. IndianMedTrip medical tourism offers special packages for medical treatments at an affordable price. The package covers the cost of medical treatment, accommodation, travel and other expenses. Medical travellers get access to the best service & facilities from a wide spectrum of associated clinics and hospitals. These associated doctors & surgeons are highly qualified and have professional experience from the top healthcare industries. Hospitals associated with IndianMedTrip are NABH accredited which give patients access to high standards of medical care. Medical tourists can opt for exotic tourist spot for recuperation and relaxation.


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