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Medical Tourism Process In India

Medical Tourism Process In India


Medical tourism process

  • Visit our IndianMedTrip Website.
  • Browse all your treatment-related information on the website
  • As per your medical treatment requirement select or read about doctors & hospitals
  • Fill up the enquiry form mentioning all your details. Please enter valid contact number or email id for hassle-free communication
  • IndianMedTrip consultants will contact you
  • They request for your relevant medical reports, mail it
  • These medical reports once received will be sent to the specialized hospitals across the country.
  • It is highly advised to the patients and their associate or relatives that during medical visit in India, they compulsorily get their yellow fever and oral polio immunizations done (if not taken).


Oral Polio Vaccination Advisory

Oral vaccination against polio is compulsory to all the patients travelling to India from Afghanistan, Syria, Kenya, Somalia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ethiopia. It is applicable to the visitors along with patients. The medicines should be given 4 weeks prior to your travel to India through a Government approved medical clinic, Institute or hospital in your country. The Polio Vaccination certificate should be carried along with other documents like immigration etc. This is a mandatory requirement as per the Government of India.

Medical Tourism India process flow:

  • IndianMedTrip consultant will provide you with:
    • A detailed medical opinion from specialized doctors
    • 2-3 suitable & economical treatment packages from the hospitals/ surgeon/ doctor / clinics
    • The hospital profiles
  • A tele-conference will be arranged with the surgeon or expert once you make up your mind about which hospital or doctor to go with.
  • Consultant will send you details like VISA guidelines, Airline formalities and Vaccination protocols.
  • It is mandatory to send us the copies of passport belonging to the patient & patient’s associate or relatives travelling to India. For additional information regarding the Indian embassy, kindly click here.
  • We help you in getting VISA Invitation Letter by sending the passport details to the selected hospital.
  • At the same time, you need to submit VISA application online here. Once submitted, the Indian Embassy in your country will give you VISA interview date. (Please note that the patient and his associate or relatives are needed to fill TWO separate forms). To find out the guidelines for applying for an Indian Medical VISA, kindly click here.
  • You should also contact the airlines you wish to travel to India regarding certain formalities such as a number of travellers along with you on medical the VISA.
  • Consultant will send you VISA Invitation Letter. This letter needs to be submitted by the patient or associate or relatives at the time of interview at the embassy.
  • After the VISA interview, a date will be given for collecting your VISA at the embassy. Now you can go ahead and book the tickets. It is advised to book the tickets through a local travel agent, so that it is easier to reschedule, if required.
  • Mail us the copy of the airline tickets, once you book it. It enables us to arrange hassle free services for your medical travel in India.
  • Kindly collect the VISA from the Indian Embassy in your country and go through these instructions before travelling to India. (Instructions)
  • Before departure, IndianMedTrip consultant will provide you contact information of the person who will receive you at the airport in India.
  • On your arrival, our representative will be waiting with a placard of your name. The representative will receive you at the airport.
  • You will be taken to the preferred hotel or hospital. If patient arrives in the late night then directly he/she is taken to the hotel, and if arrives in the day-time then is taken to the hotel/hospital (it depends on the medical condition). In the hospital after the admittance patient is given time to refresh and relax.
  • After relaxation, doctor consults and prescribes the necessary tests & medical examinations to the patient.
  • Once reports are received, doctor explains patient about the treatment and pre & post-surgery plan. As per convenience, schedules it at the earliest.
  • Once surgery is completed, post-op care instructions will be given to the patient or relative, and he/she will be kept under observation.
  • Only doctor in charge can authorize patient’s release from the hospital once he feels that he/she is fit enough.
  • After hospital discharge, patient has to stay at the hotel or lodge whichever is nearest to the hospital. IndianMedTrip helps you in finding the best and affordable accommodation as per convenience.
  • If you are well and intend to travel to nearby places for sightseeing, then it is possible only if your doctor nods ‘yes’ looking at the health progress. IndianMedTrip will arrange travel for tourism.
  • The patient should visit hospital or clinic for regular post-op check-ups.
  • Patient can travel back to his/her own country only when doctor is satisfied with patient’s health progress
  • IndianMedTrip will arrange your airport drop.
  • You may choose to provide us a video testimonial about your overall experience with IndianMedTrip and the Hospital.
  • IndianMedTrip always wish you a good health


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