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Medical Visa Assistance


IndianMedTrip team provide visa assistance to the international travellers. Happily apply and fly to India for the medical treatment.

Government of India has announced medical visa (MED Visa) or ‘M’ Visa for availing treatment in specialized /recognized/ established Hospitals/ centres, for a period of one year. For special cases it can be extended for additional 12 months.

A valid passport and visa is mandatory for obtaining medical treatment in India. It is mandatory that the treatment seeker in India should have a letter from a reputed and recognized hospital will be taken or is being taken, along with supportive medical documentary/diagnostic test reports. A medical certificate showing tentative period of treatment is compulsory.

In case of registration on medical visa, upon admission to the hospital the medical certificate should bear certified & attested photo of the applicant.

Medical visa extension will be granted considering medical grounds only, which warrants stay of the patient in India for urgent medical attendance.

Priority is for the patient travelling or undergoing treatment for cardiac, organ transplant, neuro surgery, renal surgery, radio therapy, plastic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

Vaccination before coming to India:

Oral polio vaccination/IPV only for residents of seven polio-affected countries including Nigeria is a mandatory requirement for visiting India from 1st march 2014. OPV/IPV certificate to be carried along is valid for one year from the date of administering it.

Yellow fever vaccination, for all except infants under six months and polio VAC/IPV for all residents, except third country foreign nationals, is compulsory for travelling to India.

Medical Visa types:

  • Medical visa to undergo major treatments
  • Medical visa for surrogacy
  • Medical Attendant Visa

Documents required:

  • Advisable to apply for medical visa at least 15 days before the intended date of travel.
  • Recommendation letter from home country doctor to visit particular specialized medical centre for treatment.
  • The person should have Original & Signed Passport, valid for 6 months beyond for the stay in India. At least two passport pages are blank for India visa stamp.
  • One signed India visa application form plus one photocopy. It is mandatory that the actual traveller must sign their own visa application form and the signature should match in the passport of the applicant. A new application form is required if the signature on the application does not match the signature on the passport.

Kindly go through the Visa Application Guidelines Here  before you begin the online visa application form.

  • One recent passport size photograph is needed in colour, front view and with a white background. Glasses not to be worn in these photos.
  • The other forms like India particulars form must be printed out, completed and signed by all visa applicants.
  • Proof of residence is mandatory. The major utility bill like Water, Electric or a copy of a valid occupancy containing both the landlord and tenant signature is also accepted. A photocopy of the applicant’s valid issued ID with an address is considered. It should match the present address.

Visa Processing Time:

The Indian Mission/ Post may require a minimum of three working days to process the visa depending upon the nationality and excluding special cases.

Medical attendant (MED X) Visa

Up to 2 blood relatives or attendants are allowed with the patient under separate Attendant Visas. Their visa validity too remains the same as medical visa. He/she should provide a proof of relationship with the patient. Attendants should be spouse or children or those having blood relations with the patient. More than 2 attendants are not allowed.



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