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Neck Lift & Facelift Together

Neck Lift cosmetic surgery is also known as Cervicoplasty or Platysmaplasty. This is the region where people generally show up their age. Fatty jowls, vertical banding & horizontal creases typically form in this region work together to make a person look older, than they feel. Neck lift surgery is an ideal cosmetic procedure which is designed to enhance the appearance of the neck by tightening skin & underlying muscles in order to improve the contour of the jaw line. Neck lift surgery is more effective when it is performed in conjunction with facelift surgery.

Reasons to Undergo Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is an ideal aesthetic procedure for people having turkey wattle which makes them look much older than they actually are. People who feel that their neck is too fat, having excessive skin & wrinkles on the neck or having lost the distinctive youthful jaw line can undergo neck lift surgery to boost their self-confidence. In such cases, neck lift surgery can significantly improve the appearance of neck & jaw line. Moreover, it is most effective when performed with facelift surgery & can provide a more youthful profile. However, the neck may feel tight for months following neck lift surgery alongside possible bleeding or fluid accumulation during recovery

Good Candidates for Neck Lift Surgery

Ideal candidates for neck lift surgery are people desiring a sleeker neck along with a distinct jaw line which is separating the neck from the face. People having excessive fat & skin in the neck region & have therefore developed lines & folds can largely benefit from neck lift surgery. However, good candidates willing to undergo neck lift cosmetic procedure should be in good overall health & bear a positive attitude alongside realistic expectations.

Neck Lift Surgery Procedure

When minimal contouring is required by the neck lift procedure it can be achieved through liposuction alone. However, a full neck lift procedure involves incisions which are made under chin and/or behind ears depending upon the surgical technique which has been chosen for the operation. Subsequently, the patysma muscle is tightened & sewn together with corset platysmaplasy technique. While excessive fat & skin are carefully trimmed, tissues & skin are repositioned before securing them with sutures. Finally, incisions are closed & drain tubes may be placed id required before the wounds are bandaged.

Incisions & Scars Associated with Neck Lift Surgery

There are many types of approaches for neck lift surgery & incisions will, therefore, depend upon the extent of surgery & structures which require to be altered. A small submental incision is made along with a limited facelift style incision behind each ear when corset patysmaplasty is planned & which involves tightly sewing together platysma muscles in order to create a smoother neck contour. Neck lift for younger patients wanting minimal changes to face may, however, require only the submental incision or just an incision behind each ear.

Initial Consultation & Neck Lift Surgery Treatment Plan

Both, the patient & the plastic surgeon will have an opportunity to discuss cosmetic goals of neck lift surgery during the initial consultation. The plastic surgeon will evaluate the neck of the candidate & determine if neck lift surgery is right for them. It would be sensible of patients to come prepared for discussion along with complete medical history including information on previous surgeries, the past & present medical conditions, allergies & a list of current medications they are taking. Neck lift surgery treatment plan is based upon the goals agreed upon, physical characteristics & experience of the operating plastic surgeon. Recommendations & information of the neck lift surgery treatment plan would generally include an approach to surgery along with the type or combination of procedures, options for anesthesia, preparations for surgery, anticipated outcomes, expected experiences following surgery & risks & complications associated with the procedure. The plastic surgeon may also show before & after photographs of similar cases they have treated earlier & answer any questions that patients may have.

Aftercare Following Neck Lift Surgery

Plastic surgeons normally discuss the amount of time it would take for neck lift patients to get back to normal level of activity & work, during the initial consultation. Moreover, before being discharged from hospital after the operation, the patient & the caregiver are instructed in detail as to taking postsurgical care, including instructions regarding management of drain tubes, experiencing normal symptoms & to look out for potential signs of complications. However, immediately after neck lift surgery the patient’s neck will be bruised & feel numb & tight as well. Bruising will eventually resolve over the next 4 – 5 days time but numbness & tightness may last for several months after neck lift surgery, if not longer.

Recovery Following Neck Lift Surgery

It is extremely important for the neck lift surgery patient to0 to follow plastic surgeon’s instructions, before & after the operation. This will also include caring of drains & the type of activity which is safe post surgery. The amount of time which is required for recovery following neck lift & facelift surgery will greatly vary from one patient to another & upon the extent of surgery performed during the procedure.

Effectiveness of Neck Lift & Facelift Together

Results of neck lift & facelift together under normal circumstances should be long-lasting. However, for safety & the most beautiful & healthy outcome, it is very important that the patient keeps with the follow-up evaluation schedule with the plastic surgeon. Moreover, whenever they notice any change in the results of the cosmetic procedure, it would be sensible that they contact the plastic surgeon & clear any doubts or concerns that they have.

Risks & Limitations of Neck Lift & Facelift Together

Complications arising of neck lift & facelift cosmetic surgeries are nor so frequent. However, specific risks of the procedure would have been discussed between the patient & the plastic surgeon during the initial consultation. Nevertheless, all types of surgical interventions including cosmetic surgeries have some degree of risks involved. Potential complications of neck lift & facelift surgeries include the following.

  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Hematoma or Seroma (accumulation of blood or fluid under skin)
  • Scarring
  • Changes in sensation
  • Damage to underlying structures
  • Allergic reactions
  • Unsatisfactory results calling for additional surgical interventions

Other risks which are specific to neck lift & facelift together include tightness & numbness in areas operated upon. However, these eventually get resolved within a few months of time after the cosmetic procedure. Patients can, however, help in minimizing these risks by following instructions & advice of plastic surgeons, both before & after the neck lift & facelift surgical procedures.

Affordable Neck Lift & Facelift Together with IndianMedTrip

Neck Lift & Facelift Together cosmetic treatment package offered by IndianMedTrip is an excellent procedure which is designed to address signs of aging which are most evident. While facelift takes care of excessive skin & fat including wrinkles, neck lift essentially addresses jowls & accumulation of fat & skin in the neck region. Moreover, this package is economically priced & operated by most experienced plastic surgeons in India who have performed numerous such cosmetic procedures in the past.

Treatment Package – Neck Lift & Facelift Together

Hospital Stay – 3 days

Costs – $3,000 USD

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