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How to Identify whether you Need Hip Replacement or Not?

What is Hip Replacement?

Need For Hip Replacement Surgery

The hips are one of the major weight-bearing joints in the body and are responsible for our overall movement. There are various reasons when the hip joint components get damaged and the function of the hip is affected severely. Hip replacement surgery is advised in cases when the natural hip joint does not function efficiently and needs to be replaced with artificially-made prosthetic implants which mimic the natural hip joint components (such as femoral head and the acetabular socket) and help to restore function and movement in the joint.

Hip replacement surgery may be performed to replace the damaged hip joint partially or even completely. There are various different brands and types of hip replacement implants but the basic function for these are the same: supporting the hip and allowing for its natural movement.

What is the need for Hip Replacement?

The hip joint is a ‘ball and socket’ type of joint in the body, The top end of the thigh (femur) bone is shaped in the form of a round, ball-shape while a portion to the side of the pelvic bone is shaped into a socket (acetabulum) which acts as a fitting point for the femoral (thigh bone) head.

There are various reasons when a part, or the complete, joint is affected and gets damaged. This restricts its function as well as the range of motion provided. The most common reasons for hip joint damage have been found to be arthritis, which causes damage to the cartilage-covered surface of the hip joint components, and friction is felt when moving this joint. This case requires the surgeon to replace the damaged hip joint components using artificial implants (made from ceramic, plastic, metal or a combination of these).

Hip replacement is also required in severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis or even Ankylosing Spondylitis of the hip. Osteoporosis caused fractures are also treated using hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement after arthritis is considered when the damage to the hip is severe and restricts its movements as well.

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When to consider Hip Replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is mostly recommended when other non-surgical alternative treatment methods have failed to address the problem. Initially, in case of problem with the hip joint the doctor will use certain non-surgical methods (such as resting, medications, etc) to treat the damage to the hip joint in a natural way. In some cases, the damage to the hip is severe and this requires changing the components of the hip joint with artificial prosthetic implants for restoring strength and movement back into it.

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Why choose IndianMedTrip for Hip Replacement surgery in India?

India has the largest number of world-class orthopedic specialty hospitals and clinics all over its major cities which are equipped with the latest in medical and surgical technology. IndianMedTrip offers patients from abroad with the most effective and affordable hip replacement surgery at the hands of the most experienced orthopedic surgeons and specialists from India.

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