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Parkinson’s Awareness Month – April 2017

Month of April is globally observed as Parkinson’s awareness month. Main objective of this event is to spread awareness and help patients manage this progressive neurological disorder. During Parkinson’s awareness month, various medical organizations and human welfare communities educate common people regarding this terrible disease by conducting healthcare programs and distributing informative materials. A red tulip is used to signify hope and strength for patients battling Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s Awareness Month - April 2017

Parkinson’s disease is a serious neurodegenerative disorder of brain. It is difficult to recognize Parkinson’s disease in early stage as it does not show any substantial symptoms. However, it may exhibit several symptoms like slowness of movement, muscle stiffness, painful cramps, and tremor in advanced stages. It is observed that Parkinson’s patients also face challenges like clinical depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues. Many types of research are going on to figure out the definite cause of this disorder. Healthcare professionals believe that faulty genes and certain environmental toxins are responsible for its development.

Unfortunately, there is no curative treatment for this chronic nerve system disease. In most instances, neurosurgeons recommend medications, supportive therapies, and sometimes brain surgery for managing Parkinson’s disease. Medicines like sinemet (levodopa/carbidopa), requip (ropinirole), neupro (rotigotine), symmetrel (amantadine), anticholinergics (artane, cogentin) are found to be helpful in controlling Parkinson’s disease to a greater extent.

Cognitive and psychiatric symptoms make it difficult for Parkinson’s patients to lead a normal life. They may face a tough time speaking clearly and performing routine tasks. Supportive therapies like physiotherapy, occupational, and language therapy along with healthy lifestyle changes can highly benefit Parkinson’s patients. Occupational therapists can help patients to perform their routine jobs in a smooth manner. They may teach them fine motor skills by means of specialized equipment or assistive technology. If patients struggle with communication issues, they can opt for speech therapy or language therapy. A speech therapist mainly focuses on providing tips to help patients overcome the communication barrier. Parkinson’s disease can considerably functional ability of patients. Physiotherapy sessions can help resolve the movement disorders like difficulty initiating walk, freezing, flexion of neck, arm or knees, and reduced rotation. It is important to choose a well-qualified physical therapist to improve overall functioning and minimize secondary complications of Parkinson’s disease.

Deep brain stimulation surgery (DBS) is a feather in the cap of Parkinson’s disease treatments. It can ease the symptoms of patients who did not get relief from other treatment methods. This surgical intervention involves placing electrodes in the chest of patients. These electrodes are responsible for producing electrical pulses that can stabilize Parkinson’s symptoms. DBS is a relatively safe surgical procedure and involves fewer risks and post-surgical complications. It can be a good alternative for improving patient’s quality of life. India has become a preferable medical tourism destination due to its steadfast healthcare services. On account of Parkinson’s awareness month, IndianMedTrip is offering treatments like deep brain stimulation surgery in India at feasible rates.

IndianMedTrip is one of the highly recognized and prime medical facilitator in India. Healthcare experts at IndianMedTrip aim at rendering best healthcare provisions to international patients at most economical rates. IndianMedTrip is closely associated with a giant network of well-experienced physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and neurosurgeons catering in Indian country. They may help Parkinson’s patients to cope up with stressful health status. Overseas patients struggling with severe Parkinson’s disease can contact IndianMedTrip for availing free online consultation. IndianMedTrip consultants will guide the patients and offer finest customized healthcare package for Parkinsonism. They always make sure their guests get top-class treatment in best Indian hospitals which follow international protocols and norms. Therefore, global patients willing to undergo a cost-effective as well as quality treatment for controlling the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can heavily rely on the services of IndianMedTrip.

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