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Customized Packages for Partial Knee Replacement Surgery with IndianMedTrip

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopaedic surgery. This surgery is performed to replace the damaged joint with an artificial joint. Artificial joint or prosthesis is designed in such a way that it mimics the function of the natural joint and are made of metal and hard plastic material. Knee replacement surgery is recommended to patients who have a stiff and painful knee joint which makes it difficult for the person to perform the normal activity. Knee replacement is usually the last option in case of patients where all other conservative treatments have failed to provide them with relief. There are different types of knee replacement surgery such as total or partial knee replacement surgery. The type of surgery recommended to patients depends on the condition of the patient. This surgery is usually reserved for people who are over the age of 50 and are suffering from severe osteoarthritis.

Candidates for Partial Knee Replacement Surgery


Not everyone is a candidate for partial knee replacement surgery. This surgery is recommended to patients who are suffering from severe arthritis in knees and all other conservative treatments have failed to provide them with relief. Partial knee surgery is recommended to patients where arthritis in the knee is confined to a limited area whereas if the arthritis is more widespread than partial knee replacement it is not an appropriate option. Candidates for partial knee replacement surgery should fulfill the following criteria:-

good candidate for Partial Knee Replacement Surgery


  • The candidate should not be overweight.
  • People who have intact ligaments.
  • The candidate should be older than 55 years.
  • All conservative treatments have failed.
  • People who are not laborers or athletes.

What Is Partial Knee Replacement Surgery?


Partial knee replacement is also called as unicompartmental knee replacement. This surgery is recommended to patients who are suffering from severe arthritis of the knee. Generally, patients with advanced arthritis of the joint would undergo total knee replacement where all the cartilage is removed from the knee joint and the metal and plastic implant is inserted.

The idea of partial knee replacement surgery is to remove only the most damaged areas of cartilage from the joint, and leave any healthy parts of the joint for continued use. The surgical procedure of PKR has generated significant interest of patients as it involves smaller incision and has a faster recovery as compared to full knee replacement surgery.

Partial knee replacement is a minimally invasive type of surgery. In this surgery the implants used are placed between the end of the thigh bone and the top of the shin bone. Partial knee replacement surgery can also replace the part of the joint under the kneecap which is called as a patellofemoral replacement.

Advantages of Partial Knee Replacement Surgery


  • Faster recovery.
  • Less loss of blood.
  • Less morbidity.
  • The range of moment is almost like normal knees.
  • The knees are more flexible as the ligaments are preserved.
  • Less pain.

How Is Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Performed?


Partial knee replacement surgery is also referred as uni-compartmental knee replacement. This surgery is recommended to only a small percentage of patients. Partial knee replacement surgery is generally recommended to patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis in only one compartment of the knee. In this surgery, only a part of the knee is replaced in order to preserve as much as original healthy bone and soft tissue as possible. The surgery takes place in three anatomical compartments of the knee where the diseased bones are present. The medial compartment which is located inside the knee, the lateral compartment which is outside of the knee, or the patella femoral compartment which is positioned on the front of the knee between the kneecap and thighbone.

While performing this surgery the surgeon removes the arthritic portion of the knee which includes the bone and the cartilage and replaces it with metal and plastic components. This procedure is performed on one of the three knee compartments. In case if two or more knee compartments are damaged this surgery is probably not the best option.

Partial knee replacement surgery has many advantages over other surgeries such as shorter hospital stay, less pain, faster recovery, less loss of blood and less trauma. If compared to people who undergo total knee replacement surgery, Partial knee replacement patient has better knee bending ability and feels more natural. Recovery after PKR is usually faster as it is a less invasive procedure which involves less disturbance to tissues. Post PKR surgery patients experience less pain and better functionality with high levels of satisfaction.

Risks of Partial Knee Replacement Surgery


  • Blood clots.
  • Infection
  • Injury to nerves or vessels.
  • Continued pain.
  • Loosening or dislocation of joints.
  • Risks of anaesthesia.
  • Wound or scar irritation.
  • Need for additional surgery.
  • Fluid buildup in the knee joint
  • Failure of the replacement parts to attach to the knee.
  • Nerve and blood vessel damage.
  • Pain with kneeling
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

Undergo Successful Partial Knee Replacement Surgery in India


Partial knee replacement surgery cost in western countries is very high as compared to in India. This surgery is available in India at the most affordable costs. PKR success rate in India is very high which has attracted many patients abroad. Patients from different countries come to India and avail the medical facilities at the most affordable costs. India has some of the best orthopaedic surgeons and hospitals. Services and facilities of these medical professionals are available in India at the most affordable costs.

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery cost


Why IndianMedTrip?


Availability of advanced medical facilities at the most affordable costs has attracted many patients which gave rise to medical tourism in India. Amongst which IndianMedTrip is a leading medical tourism company in India. IndianMedTrip is a leader in offering patients with the best medical treatment packages in India at the most affordable costs. IndianMedTrip has one of the largest networks of associated top orthopaedic surgeons and best hospitals in India. Services and facilities of this medical professionals are offered to patients at a cost which are quite affordable at IndianMedTrip. IndianMedTrip also offers a wide range of services to patient’s right from their arrival till departure.

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