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Preventive Health Check-Ups

Preventive health check-upsEvery adult must visit his/her health care provider from time to time, even if they were healthy. S/he should utilize these visits to screen for diseases like diabetes & high blood pressure. S/he must also purposefully explore future disease risks concerning obesity & high cholesterol. In case you consume, discuss alcohol use & safe drinking limits with your doctor including tips on how to give-up smoking. Exercise regularly & encourage a healthy lifestyle. Update on vaccinations & maintain relationship with your doctor in case of illness.

Preventive Health Check-Ups

Our body is affected by various factors such as environment, genetic tendency, disease carriers, & changing lifestyle habits. It is always better to visit doctor in advance to prevent major diseases & lead a healthy life. Measures taken to prevent diseases are called Preventive Medicine or Prophylaxis. It is an advance guard which comprises antibiotic shots, screening lab tests, physical exams & requisite prescriptions. Many diseases can now be nipped in the bud & cured without much suffering. The outcome from these measures also help doctors find potential causes of health hazards. With continuous ongoing research & medicines we can enjoy a long & better life. Few measures when considered for disease prevention can be a wiser choice to make.

Preventive Healthcare Benefits

It is always a better option to invest in Health. The benefit is that you do not have to worry about one’s health & can lead a stress free life. Comprehensive screening program comprise of various tests & diagnostics which enable doctors evaluate & identify the root cause of your disease. Pre-medication & therapy eventually helps prevent disease growth.

Preventive Healthcare Centers in India

Healthcare centers in India offer a broad spectrum of tests & diagnostics to snip-off diseases in budding stages. Many Preventive health check-up centers provide affordable screening programs catering to needs of a wide cross-section of people. These tests, health check-ups, treatments & other allied services are obtainable instantaneously in a hassle free environment. Examinations are done by reputed doctors & a well trained staff. Labs & clinics are at par with international healthcare standard infrastructure. Provision of accurate diagnostics, along with best possible treatments, is available at affordable pricing.

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Primary Preventive Measures

It includes promotion of activities which are non- clinical such as an exercise regimen & nutritive food eating habits. These activities prevent diseases & create a sense of overall well-being inordinately prolonging life expectancy. Food plays an important role in this type of preventive healthcare. Various educational programs & events render nutritional guidance which ultimately help in disease management. With advancements in genetics it is now easy to anticipate Genome related issues. This has facilitated specific protective measures in individual carriers of gene diseases by allowing physicians to make accurate diagnosis & tailored treatments.

Secondary Preventive Measures

These measures include detection & treatment of disease taking place at initial primordial stages. This actually helps control progression of disease. Screening is done in initial stages of this measure followed by early medical intervention so as to reduce disease progression. Various screening procedures like mammography & routine blood check-ups are helpful in early detection of breast cancer & diabetes/thyroid respectively. This also prevents future complications & disabilities arising out of disease. In disability, screenings cover heart check-ups, cerebrospinal fluid check-ups & other connected body parts check-up. Rejuvenation packages of traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda can also be very helpful in preventing disease & regaining health.

Tertiary Preventive Measures

Tertiary Preventive Measures ensure that the on-going illness is curbed with disease management techniques. It lowers the impact caused by disease on the body & helps in restoring functions & maintaining a healthy balance. Chronic diseases or permanent impairments need special counseling programs to restore confidence & normal daily functions in patients. The quality of life & life expectancy of a patient definitely elevate with implementation of these measures.

What IndianMedTrip Offers?

IndianMedTrip Preventive Healthcare packages are tailor made & cost effective. We are always keen to make sure you never have to stay away from the best medical healthcare service. We are connected to best hospitals & diagnostic centers spread across the Indian subcontinent.

  • Provision of outstanding medical treatments & facilities from top healthcare giants & diagnostic centers
  • 24*7 assistance through call & electronic mail
  • High quality, economical, transparent & hassle-free services
  • Access to best doctors & rejuvenating spas

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IndianMedTrip Preventive Health Care Check-Ups

  • Doctor Consultation & Full Medical Examination
  • Blood Tests
  • Complete Hemogram (hb, TLC, DLR, ESR, Hematocrit & Peripheral Smear)
  • Blood Group (ABO, RH)
  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Urea
  • Serum Uric Acid
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Serum Cholesterol
  • Lipid Profile
  • Urine & Feces Examination
  • X-Ray Chest PA
  • ECG
  • Exercise Stress Test (TMT)
  • 2D Echo to Assess Heart Pumping Capacity
  • Coronary Risk Markers – Apo A & Apo B (Precise Indicators of Risk of Coronary Artery Disease) & Lpa (Genetic Predictor of Heart Attack)
  • Cancer Risk Markers – PSA for Prostate Cancer in Males & CA 125 for Ovarian Cancer in Females
  • Carotid Color Doppler – (Best Predictor of Stroke & Brain Hemorrhage & which may Result in Paralysis)
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Calcium
  • Alkaline Phosphates
  • Digital X-ray
  • Lumbar Spine AP & L
  • DEXA Spine
  • MRI L-Spine
  • Stress Screening by Psychologist
  • Eye Examination
  • Gynecologist Consultation & Pap Smear Test
  • Ultrasound Screening for Abdomen
  • ENT Examination
  • Screening for Liver Disease
  • Screening for Thyroid Disease
  • Hepatitis B Screening to Assess Immunity & Detection of Carriers
  • Test for AIDS can also be Requested
  • Screening for Kidney Disease
  • Serum Cholesterol
  • Post Check-Up Consultation

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