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Rhinoplasty in India – Mr Harvey Salter from UK with IndianMedtrip

My name is Harvey Salter.

I am a pretty good man with good features. The only problem with me was I wasn’t satisfied with my nose. I used to have a large nose. I underwent surgery prior 5 days and as you can see my mouth is still swollen with the surgery. Now the question is how I landed up in India for rhinoplasty surgery? Well, the answer is, I happened to see IndianMedTrip’s official site and I emailed them asking few questions related to my problem like what is the surgery going to be, what will be the recovery time, what is it going to cost and much more. The response from IndianMedTrip was much more convincing. At last, I was pleased with the team and their dedication and I made up my mind that I am going to be treated under the safe hands. Finally, I flew down to India. They cost me around 4500 pounds for the rhinoplasty implant which is very less in comparison to the western countries. I think the rhinoplasty surgery costs around 6000-7000 pound in the UK.

                         The doctors in the association of IndianMedTrip were very friendly and excellent in their work.  Before coming to India I thought language would be a barrier between us but no I was equally surprised when I saw that the staff was fluent in English. They completely understand your desires and requirements. Apart from medical facilities, IndianMedTrip looks after the entertainment sources as well. They have a TV where they have 500 channels out of which some were really good. I was given sweet milkshake though I could not eat for the first three days because I had stitches inside my mouth. So instead of having solid food I had to go with liquids.  Recovery from the surgery is pretty good. It is still swollen from past 10 days but as told it will vanish with passing days. I am delighted with the results and the hospitality IndianMedTrip provided me. I am very thankful and wish them good luck for all the upcoming works they need to do.

Thank you

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