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Smiles Forever Dental Clinic

2 smiles forever dental clinic

The Smiles forever hospital is a dental hospital headed by Dr. Mehvish Masalawala who has obtained his BDS degree from Terna Dental College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai and passed out in the year 2008. He is well known as an eminent dentistry professional providing patients with the highest quality care and treatment. All the different branches of dentistry including orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry are available at the Smiles Forever hospital.

Services at Smiles Forever Hospital

Let us look at all the different types of treatment offered at this hospital:

  • Oral Surgery – Taking care of dental concerns like keeping teeth, controlling serious oral diseases, overcoming congenital growth issues, and treating damage related to trauma
  • Periodontist – Providing specialized treatment in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases and in surgical placement of dental implants and their maintenance.
  • Cosmetic dental surgery – If you are self conscious about your smile then you probably need the help of a cosmetic dental surgeon. If you have stained, crooked, or missing teeth and spaces between the teeth which mar your self confidence then you can have these problems corrected by taking treatment from a cosmetic dental surgeon at Smiles forever Hospital. The dentists here will help to give you a smile which will light up your face and boost your confidence.
  • Implantologist – If you are looking for replacement of natural teeth then dental implants are the ideal solution. Whether you are looking to replace a few or all of your teeth, you will get the best possible treatment at Smiles Forever hospital.
  • Routine dental treatments – In Smiles Forever hospital all treatments from basic to advanced are offered under one roof. The dental care provided in this hospital is of international standards.
  • Orthodontist –The dental surgeons at Smiles Forever hospital make it convenient and comfortable to wear braces. There has been a lot of advancement in material technology, which allows orthodontic treatment to be completed in a very short time, and without allowing anyone to know about it.

There has been a lot of advancement in techniques and treatment methods in dentistry. Under the leadership of Dr. Masalawala, the team of expert dentists at Smiles Forever hospital makes it a point to keep themselves up dated with all the latest techniques and treatments. Dr. Masalawal himself and his team of dentists regularly attend training programs in order to arm themselves with the latest knowledge in this field. This ensures that they are able to provide the best possible treatment to their patients.

Why Smiles Forever?

The question is why you should opt for Smiles Forever hospital, and the answer is simple. Smiles Forever hospital has state of the art infrastructure which helps provide the best possible treatment to the patients. What’s more the ambience of this dental hospital is very cheerful and upbeat and enables the patients to feel confident and relaxed.

Moreover, the staff at this hospital is very empathetic towards the fear and nervousness of the patients and provides moral and emotional support apart from providing the basic dental treatment. The doctors and support staff of this hospital is geared towards providing an atmosphere which enhances the overall well being of the patients and helps them in recovering fast in cases of dental treatment where recuperation is necessary.

There is the entire range of dental treatment options available at this dental hospital. The best part is that all these treatments are available at very reasonable prices. This is the reason that this hospital has its fare share of international patients who specially come here from foreign countries to get their dental treatment done. If you wish to know more about the patient centric attitude of the staff of this hospital, you should read some testimonials written by patients who have already taken treatment here. All these testimonials appreciate this hospital as one of the best dental hospitals in the country where all the modern equipment and technology are used for providing the patients with world class treatment at affordable costs.

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