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Sun, Fun & Tummy Tuck Surgery in Goa


Goa in India is famous for beaches & places of worship which make tourism in this western state a primary industry. Tourism in India is generally focused on coastal areas. Beaches of Goa almost cover about 125 km of coastline. Widely influenced by Latin culture & 450 years of Portuguese rule, many convents & churches of Goa are declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Foreign tourists from all around the world flock here to enjoy the sun & sand especially during the winter holiday season. Basically a former Portuguese enclave on Indian land, Tourism by far is the backbone of local economy.

Medical Tourism in Goa is Booming

Although people generally come to Goa for sun, parties, yoga, beach shacks & casinos, but of late they are also crowding here for root canals, spinal fusion, knee replacement & liposuction. Goa nowadays is extending well beyond sun & fun into medical procedures which are affordably low-cost than what most international travelers would have to pay in their homeland. Medical tourism in Goa now is a booming industry with over 20,000 foreigners coming every year so as to avail cheaper but good quality medical care. Many of them are happy to combine beach holidays with Cosmetic procedures in Goa like Facelift Surgery, Breast Lift Surgery, Liposculpture, or Tummy Tuck Surgery. Other popular mainstream procedures sought by international patients include spine surgery, joint replacement surgeries, urological surgeries, gastrointestinal surgeries & dental procedures which would cost them the moon when compared to cost savings & easy accessibility in Goa.

High-Quality & Low-Cost Advantage

Price differentials combined with decent level of medical expertise for various procedures initially struck as a surprise for international tourists. The world is now well aware of this fact & tourists plan with these factors in mind. Imagine a daytime at the beach with angioplasty in the evening? Or, how about riding the waves in the morning & undergoing Rhinoplasty at night? No wonder, there are a number of dental & medical clinics lining the road nowadays in Goa’s beach belt comprising of Colva, Baga, Candolim & Calangute which is the epicenter of a flourishing medical tourism industry. Medical treatment costs in Goa are just about 20% of costs of similar procedures in Europe or United States, & just about 25% – 30% of what it would take in African countries. So do not be surprised when you routinely see some foreign tourists in many prominent Hospitals of Goa. Someone rightly mentioned that you can buy Tata Nano, the cheapest Indian car at the price of dental implant surgery in UK & yet save some money for fuel.

Medical Tourism In GoaMedical Tourism Capital of the World

It is common nowadays to find Irish, British, Polish, Swiss, Russian, Belgian & German visitors come to hospitals in Goa for cosmetic procedures like facelifts, breast lifts, brow lift, Breast augmentation Surgery & liposuction procedures. Even Iranians & people from the Middle East are now coming here to avail affordable healthcare services. Alongside dental treatments, many foreign visitors also seek to undergo a variety of medical tests as part of routine preventive healthcare measures. Many of them prefer to choose Goa for medical procedures as they are familiar with the landscape or are second-time visitors or recommended by some previous visitor. Medical tourism in India is growing at a whopping 30 percent every year & Goa is gearing up to take its due share of the promised pie.

Healthcare Tourism with IndianMedTrip

Five-star medical tourism which was an idea up till now has come of age. Goa, with a generous sprinkling of fun is turning out to be a hotspot of medical tourism as well. IndianMedTrip is one of the fastest growing medical tourism companies in South Asia which is catering to the growing demands of affordable healthcare solutions for people from all around the world. They are associated with the best healthcare facilities in Goa, including the Nusi Wockhardt Super Specialty Hospital & Wockhardt institute of Aesthetics, which is one of the most reputed cosmetic center in the entire country. IndianMedTrip healthcare experts will also be delighted to combine an exotic recuperative holiday alongside your medical procedure so as to make your wellness journey a memorable experience.

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