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How is Targeted Therapy Effective For Cancer Treatment?

Cancer is the most dreadful disease affecting billions of global patients. Current statistics disclose that nearly 8 million patients died of cancer in the year 2016. Globally, around 2 in 10 deaths occur due to this disease. Cancer has great cure rates if it is detected and treated in its initial stages. Surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are the three most commonly performed treatments for cancer. However, a new method known as targeted drug therapy for treating cancer is becoming quite popular now-a-days.

Targeted Therapy

What is Targeted Cancer Therapy?

Targeted therapy is a latest medical intervention used to destroy cancer cells in patient’s body. It uses various medicines and other substances to treat cancer effectively. It targets specific genes and proteins found in cancer cells and stops further growth of cancer. It precisely destroys the cancer cells without disturbing other healthy cells. This is the major difference between targeted therapy and conventional chemotherapy method. Targeted therapy drugs and medications are responsible for the following.

  • Shutting off the development process of cancer
  • Triggering highly malignant cancer cells to die on their own
  • Wiping out cancer cells directly

Just like chemotherapy, targeted therapy drugs are either given orally to patients or through intravenous infusion. Targeted cancer therapy is a mainstream treatment method but it can be given in combination with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Types of Targeted Therapy for Cancer

There are mainly the following four types of targeted therapy for treating cancer.

  • Monoclonal Antibodies Therapy – Antibodies can efficiently fight foreign substances in human body including cancer. Medical professionals and researchers have made artificial monoclonal antibodies in laboratory. These monoclonal antibodies produce antigens to destroy cancer-causing cells. Antigens kill malignant tissues and maintain patient’s immunity.
  • Small Molecule Drugs – Small molecule drugs attacks membrane of cancer causing cells. They target the activity of enzyme inside cancer cell and stops their growth and multiplication. Angiogenesis inhibitor drug is one of the most widely used targeted therapy
  • Gene Expression Modulators – They smoothly revise the function of proteins and control abnormal genes of patients.
  • Apoptosis Inducers – Apoptosis is a procedure in which the drugs target and kill only abnormal cells. Apoptosis inducer drugs are known to increase survival rate of cancer patients.

Types of Cancer Treated by Targeted Therapies

Types of Cancer Treated by Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy can be conveniently used to treat various types of fatal cancers including the enumerated types.

In addition to this, targeted  therapy is a relatively safe cancer treatment procedure. There are very rare side effects of targeted therapy.

Risks involved in Targeted Therapy

The following are potential risks associated with targeted therapies.

  • Liver problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin problems like dry skin, rash, and nail changes
  • Poor wound healing
  • High blood pressure
  • Clotting of blood

Patients should choose reliable hospital and an experienced oncologist in order to minimize such complications following targeted therapy.

Why Prefer India for Targeted Cancer Therapy?

India is one of the supreme medical tourism destination across the world. India has a vast pool of multi-specialty hospitals offering effective medical care to cancer patients. Targeted cancer therapy is a feather in the cap of Indian medical system. Massive number of well-experienced Indian oncologists are performing targeted drug therapy for treating cancer. International patients looking for targeted cancer therapy can highly depend on Indian healthcare sector. IndianMedTrip is a renowned medical facilitator based in India. Healthcare professionals at IndianMedTrip offer finest cancer treatment packages to global patients. International patients can contact IndianMedTrip for availing targeted therapy for cancer at extremely economical rates.  

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