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Jane Davis, USA – Cosmetic Surgery

I was born with lot of flab on my body. My fellow college mates and colleagues used to make fun out of me too often. I did everything to reduce this extra fat but in vain. After a brief counseling I made up my mind for Lipoplasty. Today after the surgery I look fab and now have a boyfriend. Complete New Jane! Thanks to IndianMedTrip for arranging all the services and taking great care of me.

 Jessica Turner, USA – Cosmetic Surgery

I look younger than before, thanks to IndianMedTrip. I am 48 and my facial skin had become very thin and saggy, kind of aging. Being a businesswoman it was difficult to deal in day to day activities with such an appearance. One day while exploring the internet I came across IndianMedTrip services and contacted them. In the last hour I decided to go for a long vacation break for my cosmetic procedure. When I returned back fellow colleagues were stunned and praised me for the fresh appearance.

 Linda Edwards, UK – Cardiology

In the month of December, My husband underwent Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. It was Christmas period so were bit concerned about the arrangements, but I must say the planning and provision were outstanding. I am very pleased with services offered by IndianMedTrip. It was a complete package of happiness and comfort for both of us. Thanks for making us your priority and treating us with great care.

Barbara Smith, Australia – Cardiology

I recommend everyone use services of IndianMedTrip. I am happy with my angiography procedure done by the doctors in India. Within no time they arranged all the services and took great care of me. The experience was actually much better than I had anticipated.

Melissa Hernandez, USA – Spine Surgery

My daughter Sarah met with a small accident at the age of 3. It affected her neck movement drastically. Cervical spinal fusion surgery was necessary to relieve her from pain. As she is our only daughter we were bit worried. We contacted IndianMedTrip and after a brief medical discussion we requested them to arrange medical treatment services. Today with their efforts my daughter is doing extremely fine. She made few friends in India too. Thanks to IndianMedTrip, your way of directing us in every phase of treatment has made us realize that we have chosen a right guide for our daughter’s medical treatment plan. My daughter Sarah is extremely grateful for the support you have given her.

 Bryan Clark, Canada – Spine Surgery

I was suffering from chronic back pain since 1 year. I had temporary relief with medications but there was a gradual increase of pain which was unbearable. I was diagnosed with a broken vertebra. Doctors suggested me to go for Kyphoplasty for which the cost of medical procedure was too high. When my friend spoke to IndianMedTrip guys they immediately followed up with an Indian medical specialist and presented me overall package which was surprisingly ¼ of the cost in US. Voila! I was absolutely impressed with the professionalism and personal care of IndianMedTrip. I absolutely recommend them!

Mark White, USA – Andrology

I had a severe pain below my stomach. Earlier i thought it was gas but after a brief diagnosis was confirmed it was an infection of the prostate gland. Emergency medical relief was much needed. Constant and unbearable pain was getting on my nerves. My girlfriend immediately contacted IndianMedTrip and packed my bags for treatment in India. Today I find myself lucky to be here. Thanks guys. Your extreme support has enabled me recover fast from the disease.

Robert Brown, South Africa – Andrology

I am grateful to the staff of IndianMedTrip for supporting me and my family members. Very strong and motivated team was much needed for my entire cancer journey. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you guys continue the tradition of amazing hospitality.

Richard Wilson, Nephrectomy Patient from UK – Urology

I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. It was a great battle of life and death ahead of me, but I chose life. Neither I had lost hope nor did IndianMedTrip on me. Coming to India was a very different experience but IndianMedTrip made me feel quite comfortable. They helped me and took great care. I have benefited and cured with your support IndianMedTrip. Thanks much!

Abel Maswikwa, Ethiopia – Urology

My stay in India was very relaxing. It has been a pleasure to select IndianMedTrip as my medical guide for my condition (Urinary Incontinence). Now I am stress-free and thanks to all the great caring and curing people out there in India.

Olabisi Akintola, Nigeria – Orthopedic Surgery

 My grandfather‘s knee replacement surgery was a total success. He replaced both his knees and now he looks much taller and confident than before. The credit goes to IndianMedTrip and their services which helped me save money on this costly treatment.

Ahmed Gaber, UAE – Orthopedic Surgery

I was suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis since 8 years. It had totally made me immobile and hapless. I was looking for a permanent cure for this medical condition. I did lot of R&D and came to a conclusion that India is the best place for this treatment. I thank IndianMedTrip for arranging facilities for me. The quality of care and response from the doctors was overwhelming. Thanks IMT!

Devmini Gunawardena, Sri lanka – BMT Bone Marrow Transplant

I am cancer free patient and feel better than before. Thanks to IndianMedTrip for the regular health check-ups and motivational programs. It has healed my sorrow and now I am looking forward to enjoying good times with friends and family.

BMT Bone Marrow Transplant – Leukaemia Patient Father David Foster, USA

Thumbs up to all your efforts! My son Roger has got a new outlook on life. Thanks for gifting him a beautiful smile.

Oliver Chapman, UK – Colorectal Surgery

I was tired of regular pain and bleeding. I was scared to pass stools every morning. One fine day when I was searching for a permanent solution and I came across IndianMedTrip. They always updated me with health reports and I must say every single treatment phase was taken care by them without putting any burden on my family members. Life is better than before! All cheers to IndianMedTrip.

Julian Adelsperger, Germany – Colorectal Surgery

IndianMedTrip team was very supportive. My surgery was a true success only because of their sincere efforts. Honestly and highly recommending IndianMedTrip.

Scarlett, UK – Obstetrics & Gynecology

I was suffering from uterine fibroid tumor for the last 5 years. Constant bleeding and excessive tiredness was affecting my health severely. I lost hope when doctors told that I have to undergo Hysterectomy. Philip (My husband) handled it so well and gave me confidence that everything would be alright. He contacted IndianMedTrip and arranged my medical vacation. Truly I felt so worried initially but I made up my mind that I have to get well soon. We received a warm treatment from everybody right from the doctors to the staff. I am content with the service provided by IndianMedTrip.

Alfred Ladson, UK -Obstetrics & Gynecology

Thank you for introducing us to the best fertility clinic in India. We are blessed with a beautiful daughter and my lovely wife is doing fine. We are forever grateful to you and your team for making our sweetest dreams come true.

Jacob Taylor, Australia – Alternative Treatment

My back pain recovery was amazing with chiropractic treatment. This affordable wellness package has helped me greatly and I truly appreciate the IndianMedTrip team for this. Now I can sit and work properly. No more issues now. Thank you IndianMedTrip!

Luca, USA – Alternative Treatment

It’s tough to get a good night sleep when you have frequent migraines. It occurred to me when I was in the middle of my university exams. Pain was too much and beyond control that I flopped in my exams. My mom told me about IndianMedTrip holistic healing treatment plan which was taken by Aunt Rachel. Honestly I feel much better now with this Ayurveda treatment and the frequency of headaches has reduced tremendously. Thanks guys for planning out such a great holistic journey for me and my mom.

Tanvi A lsarmi, Oman – Nephrology

All credits to IndianMedTrip for proper scheduling of arrangements. Kidney transplant was my life saver and I feel I got a new life. Thanks IndianMedTrip.

Celina Knightly, UK – Nephrology

We had a tough time when my husband was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. We prayed every time for his health. God heard our prayers and one of our family friend spoke to IndianMedTrip and we landed in India for further treatment. The cost of procedure in the UK was too high so IndianMedTrip presented a reasonable medical package to us. I would encourage people choose IndianMedTrip for their Medical journey.

Elimisha Akiloye,Kenya – Neurology

We got in touch with the best Neurosurgeon in India for astrocytoma brain tumor with the help of IndianMedTrip. My brother Solomons’ tumor was successfully removed and currently his healing is in progress. All thanks to you guys!

Elliot, Canada – Neurology

Neurologists in India are amazing! We were seeking the best medical specialist for our child’s epilepsy. The fees were out of our budget here in Canada and we felt helpless at one point of time. Thanks to IndianMedTrip for answering all our queries and showing the positive way. Through their unique care programs my son is all well! Thanks IndianMedTrip

Winnifred Buhari, Tanzania – ENT- Head & Neck Surgery

 We experienced comfortable and care-about feeling in our entire medical journey with IndianMedTrip. I really got a stress free experience and definitely encourage people to go for medical tourism.

Daniele, South Africa – ENT- Head & Neck Surgery

My Septoplasty was completely worthwhile. Cheers for improving my quality of life! Feel very fortunate to get a brilliant doctor, staff and other facilities. Thank you IndianMedTrip

Veronica Hanken, Canada – Bariatric / Obesity Surgery

As promised I got all facilities from day1 from IndianMedTrip. I really appreciate the efforts and care taken by you guys.

Miley, Australia – Bariatric / Obesity Surgery

 Very informative site and got to know more when I called up IndianMedTrip team. Moreover, the interaction with the surgeon was very fruitful; he answered each and every question in a professional manner. It gave me confidence to go ahead for Gastric Bypass Surgery. I highly recommend IndianMedTrip. Thanks!

Kerry Parkinson, USA- Oncology

Staff was very caring and they exactly knew what I needed. The treatment and overall healthcare package was remarkable. I feel extremely lucky for choosing IndianMedTrip as my medical guide.

Hanna, Canada – Oncology

An online search can make a big difference to your health. IndianMedTrip is the great site to answer all your queries. Their efforts are well appreciated from the day we landed in India. Immediate medical attention was provided to my husband. If you are considering going for affordable cancer treatment then contact IndianMedTrip without wasting a minute.

Linda Davis, USA – Hepatology

When I came to know that I have autoimmune hepatitis, my hands became numb. I was speechless and disturbed. Doctor prescribed me anti-inflammatory medicines but that was short spanned. Doctors referred by IndianMedTrip were wonderful, after a thorough discussion my sister planned my medical trip to India. I truly say that due to IMT’s sincere efforts and honest caring my health is fine. Thanks a ton!

Eugene, South Africa – Hepatology

Last year October I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. The acute pain of my abdomen was unbearable. Within no time I got in touch with IndianMedTrip and flew down to India. The doctor was very supportive and experienced. The first thing that he told me was “forget the alcohol and cigarette, rest we will take care”. The staff’s great hospitality convinced me that I was at home. Now I miss them a lot. Thank you IndianMedTrip for such an incredible journey.

 Megan & Nicholas, USA – Assisted Pregnancy

In India, it was my first experience with IVF. My dream came true when I was blessed with beautiful twins, a girl and a boy. IndianMedTrip arranged regular VOIP calls with 4-5 specialists to clear all our doubts; it has helped us to take further decision. Today my twins are 2 months old and whenever they look at me I feel very happy. We are very grateful to IndianMedTrip for making us proud parents.

Lily Rogers, UK – Assisted Pregnancy

I am the most fortunate person to get the best IVF treatment centre in India. Waiting for my angel was long but it was worth waiting. After 9 long months she is in my arms. !

Kayla Cisse, Nigeria – Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Two years back my son was diagnosed with scoliosis so doctor told him to wear a back brace. However it wasn’t the permanent solution to cure the pain. I found IndianMedTrip online. With their help we were able to locate the best surgeon and hospital in India. The cost negotiations done for the treatment by IndianMedTrip were brilliant. The stay and food arrangements were awesome. Thanks guys for everything and I definitely recommend your services.

Laura, Australia – Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

IndianMedTrip has a very organized process for every type of treatment. They always make sure that the patient is comfortable in every decision he/she takes. This was the reason we chose IndianMedTrip over everybody. Their far-fetched list of doctors & hospitals is very convenient to make any decision. My niece got a new life with Hip surgery. She is fine and can walk effortlessly. We really appreciate your work and thank you for being with us every time we needed assistance.

Tim Jasper, USA – CyberKnife Radiosurgery

Thanks guys for your timely help in arranging visa and medical arrangement for my grandmother. She is absolutely happy with the services. She praises you guys every now and then. Blessings from her!

Samantha,USA – CyberKnife Radiosurgery

 We made the best decision in choosing IndianMedTrip for my aunt. She was having a brain tumor in the left hemisphere. One of our relative told about IndianMedTrip and we contacted them. Initially we thought of going ahead with the surgery here in US but the cost was too high. IndianMedTrip team introduced us to the surgeon in India where he suggested Cyber Knife Radiosurgery, even the treatment plus overall cost was nearly coming out to be ¼ of the treatment cost in US. Without wasting time we packed our bags and came to India. My aunt is feeling absolutely great after treatment. I highly recommend IndianMedTrip to everyone.

Amber Barnes, UK – GammaKnife Radiosurgery

IndianMedTrip was a guiding angel for our entire medical journey. We dint have to worry about tickets, food/ stay, or the treatment. We really appreciate the support given to us by you guys. My grandmother is doing well and recovering fast.

Nathan Cook, Australia – GammaKnife Radiosurgery

Our neurosurgeon was very understanding and experienced doctor. He honestly guided us about the treatment. We are happy that the surgery was successful and my father is doing well. I thank IndianMedTrip team for their kindness and professionalism. Keep up the good work guys! Thanks a lot!

Tharindu, Srilanka – Gallbladder Removal with Robotic Surgery

The technology was awesome, while the hospital staff was caring and friendly. I feel wonderful after surgery. Romba Nandri IndianMedTrip!

Deborah, USA – Robotic Surgery

This surgery was one of the best experiences in my life. I was bit nervous about the robotic technique but then doctors explained me the procedure and patient success stories. I gained confidence and now am a very happy soul. I recovered fast and 100% recommend IndianMedTrip services.

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