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World Kidney Day 2017: Awareness To Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease

World kidney day is being observed all over the world on 9th March 2017. It is a global awareness campaign which is primarily aimed towards creating kidney disease awareness and sensitizing the public about the importance of kidney health and how kidneys affect overall health. Primary motive of observing world kidney day is to reduce the occurrence of kidney disease and other health problems associated with kidney function. Some of the objectives of world kidney day are to create awareness about kidney problems, which are related to common health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, which might further result in occurrence of chronic kidney disease that is responsible for permanent kidney failure. Encouraging people to undergo regular health checkups through systematic screening of all patients who are living with health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.Kidney problems destroy crucial kidney functions. World kidney day is also observed to encourage and motivate people to understand the importance of early detection of kidney problems to reduce future complications, deaths and disability from chronic kidney failure and cardiovascular failure.

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day is observed every year all across the world to raise awareness for kidney health. Several local, national and international level events are being organized for years by national healthcare associations, non-governmental organizations, healthcare professionals, and individuals to make a difference in the society for the kidney health.IndianMedTrip is one such organization which operates as a medical tourism facilitator, encouraging people to get regular checkups done in order to prevent kidney failure. Symptoms which clearly indicate kidney problems are swollen ankles and legs, tiredness, inability to focus and concentrate, low appetite, presence of blood in urine, foamy urine, and pain in abdomen near kidney region

Steps to Take for Preventing Kidney Disease

There are 8 golden rules for prevention of kidney disease.

  • Being physically active and exercising regularly goes a long way in reducing the risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Physical activities like walking, cycling, jogging, and dancing on a regular basis can keep kidney problems away.
  • Maintaining normal blood sugar level is essential for good health as high blood sugar level leads to diabetes, which is a high-risk factor for getting kidney disease.
  • Regular monitoring of blood pressure is also important as high blood pressure leads to heart attacks or strokes which also cause kidney damage.
  • Keep kidneys healthy by eating balanced diet, and maintaining normal weight is also equally important because obesity and unhealthy eating habits result in diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Maintain normal fluid intake on daily basis (at least 3 to 4 liters a day) helps kidneys filter out sodium, urea and other harmful toxins from the body which might result in chronic kidney disease.
  • Quit smoking, even passive smoking can prove to be fatal as it slows down blood flow to the kidneys which decreases their ability to function well and increases the risk of kidney cancer by 50%.
  • Avoid taking over the counter pills on regular basis as these are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen) which might lead to kidney damage and various other kidney related diseases. Such medications cause arthritis or back pain and put kidneys at risk.
  • Get proper and regular checkup of kidneys. In case of family history of kidney disease, get checked for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, thyroid and other related problems which ensue kidney failure.

IndianMedTrip identifies and suggests suitable hospitals/doctors according to the medical conditions, reports and medical needs of international patients. They also ensure that all patients receive high quality of affordable medical care in India. As part of their initiative towards World Kidney Day, IndianMedTrip is offering FREE online consultation for overseas patients seek excellent quality of low-cost medical procedures in India.

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